Ozone Clean Air Expands Lineup of Ozone Generators for Hire

Chertsey, UK Ozone Clean Air, which offers ozone machines built in the UK, announced today that it is expanding its lineup up of ozone generators for hire. The company also has ozone generators for sale. Ozone generators have proven to be an effective, economical and environmentally friendly way to clean air and remove odours from smoke smells, mould, bacteria, cooking and more. The chemical reaction of ozone, an extra-heavy oxygen molecule, with the air removes smells.

“We are always trying to give customers more ways to put ozone generators to work in their homes and places of business,” said Keith Ferris of Ozone Clean Air. “By adding more ozone generator models for hire, we expand the number of choices available.”

The company is adding new ozone generator units that provide varying levels of ozone output, energy consumption and physical footprint. Ozone generation requirements depend on the size of the space where the generator is needed. Ozone is environmentally friendly. The molecules decompose back into regular oxygen after chemically neutralizing bad odors. They enable customers to avoid the use of toxic chemicals to remove odours from the air.

Ozone (O³) is a gas composed of 3 oxygen atoms combined in a ring. The molecule is formed when an electric current passes through air. In nature, this occurs after a thunderstorm. Ozone molecules counteract unwanted odours and clean the air before transforming back into oxygen (O2).  The company’s ozone generators for hire draw in air and pass it through an electrical charge – making O² into O³. The extra Oxygen atom finds anything foreign in the air and destroys it.

Uses of the ozone generators include eliminating the smell of cooking, such as fried fish and curry, shoe odors, smells from cats and dogs, cigarette smells in upholstery and carpeting, paint smells, the smell of dead vermin such as decaying rodents and urine from toilets and other areas. Customers take hired ozone generators to laundry areas, photo labs, water damaged properties, printing businesses, nursing homes, seafood display areas in food markets, hospitals, locker rooms, laboratories and smoking areas.

Ozone Clean Air provide the best ozone generators available, built in the UK to the very highest standard.

For more information, visit http://www.ozonecleanair.co.uk/ozone-generator-hire

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