China Dock Owners to Design and Develop Container Bridge for Effective Loading and Unloading of Containers

The crane will be designed for effective handling of the containers, which otherwise gets damaged during the loading/unloading procedure.

China – In order to effectively handle the loading and unloading of Foshan Dock containers, a meeting was carried out by the members of China Dock including Owner Mr Feng and General Engineer Jerry Huang among other team mates in the month of March in 2015. It must be noted that a number of containers arrive at the dockyard on an everyday basis, which prompted the need for designing an effective handling technique. The containers need a great deal of storage space and also needs to be handled and stored appropriately.

Sharing more information a spokesperson clarified, “The existing system requires is time-consuming and the entire loading and unloading procedure often causes damage to the containers on several occasions, thereby slowing down the entire process. As a result, we resolved to design an effective workflow on the dock. Additionally, since the number of containers arriving on the dock has been rapidly increasing, there is a need to better design the cranes without increasing the operational budget.”

At present there are two fixed slewing GQ 40t cranes, for loading/unloading purpose, which is capable of 360-degree rotation. Apart from this, two rail mounted container cranes JMQ 40t are also available on the ground. While, GQ 40t is responsible for lifting the container from the ship and placing them on the dock, the JMQ does the stacking job after GQ 40t has finished dropping the container.

The current working flow requires both the cranes i.e. fixed slewing crane and the rail mounted container crane to function in tandem with each other. Since the GQ moves containers in a rotating movement, it often causes the containers to dangle and rotate and since the containers are not really stable; they are made to crash into the stack of other containers at the time of aligning them for loading. This entire process takes up a lot of time and often causes damage to the containers. Additionally, the use of both the cranes together may also result in jamming of vehicles on the ground, which can further slow down the entire process.

Clients who need to unload their containers would therefore prefer to avoid the above process and thus there is a need for designing an effective loading and unloading system.

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