Whose Apple Dynamic Coaching Services Sets Eyes on Successful 2016

Empowerment coaching agency plans to continue to help people change their lives by inspiring positive visions and actions in the new year and beyond.

DECEMBER 23, 2015 – The team at Whose Apple Dynamic Coaching Services is gearing up for a new year, and is ready to continue helping people leverage painful experiences toward an empowered life and fulfilling future. 

Whose Apple Dynamic Coaching Services was founded in 2011, and the agency continues to empower its clients to leverage traumatic life experiences toward the fruits of mission, purpose, and destiny by offering education, advocacy, and coaching.

The founder of Whose Apple Dynamic Coaching Services, Linda F. Williams, is a trained psychotherapist with a Masters in Social Work, a Certified Christian Life Coach, and a Certified Professional Life Coach. Williams is also a trauma survivor who is now leveraging her past to empower others. “As a survivor of rape, domestic violence, homelessness and divorce, I have now found purpose out of that pain,” said Williams.

For the Whose Apple Dynamic Coaching Services team, 2015 was a busy year. Williams published the book, Whose Apple Is It, Anyway! Empowering Purpose to Achieve Your God-Ordained Destiny, which is now available at booksellers such as Schuler Books, Barnes and Noble, and Amazon. Williams also began a dissertation called The Emergent Voices Research Project to give a voice to individuals formerly involved in the criminal justice system.

“As a life coach, relationship coach, and keynote speaker, Williams recognizes that many lives are affected by a single life changed, and that a lifetime of change is empowered by a single act of courage. “I measure success by each life changed and every individual that finds hope and purpose in spite of a difficult life,” said Williams. “I live and breathe to fulfill that purpose. I tell my clients that my purpose is reconnecting them with their purpose; and my destiny is facilitating their destiny.”

Whose Apple Dynamic Coaching Services works with each client to customize strategies to overcome what is holding them back from living the lives they desire. The company designs specialized plans that result in sustainable positive outcomes in life, relationships, and career. The company also goes beyond individual services to offer leadership programs that equip leaders with formidable tools to empower the individual change that results in real and sustainable outcomes to personal wellbeing and organizational productivity. “Somewhere between inspiration and motivation is that illusive ground called sustainable change-leverage it,” said Williams.

After a recent presentation and keynote speech given by Williams, Dr. Leelo Bush informed us that the attendees of that event are still talking about Williams and her riveting keynote and session. “I am so excited about the transformation that will occur in the attendees’ lives,” said Bush.

According to Williams, all are born with God-given characters, talents, and abilities. Over time, our characters become morphed by hurtful and traumatic life events. “This occurs when people internalize bad experiences as if they are the wrong that was done to them,” said Williams. “As a result, they become enslaved by these experiences. I help individuals to flip-the-script on this destiny destroying phenomena.”

In 2016, Whose Apple Dynamic Coaching Services is looking forward to helping more clients and organizations to re-connect with their purpose, realize their destinies, and achieve their goals.

More information can be found at http://www.WhoseApple.org

About Whose Apple Dynamic Coaching Services

Whose Apple Dynamic Coaching Services was launched in 2011. The nonprofit’s tag line, “Leveraging Choice – Empowering Change” supports its mission to assist clients in finding their purpose and empowering their destinies through educational services, curriculum development, personal and spiritual growth programs, organizational empowerment, coaching, seminars, conferences, and empowerment programs.

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