Webbyword Announces Launch of Innovative Web Platform That Allows Users to Create Website Using MS Word

A website without learning complicated web design or having to pay a professional? That’s exactly what the recently launched web platform Webbyword is offering, delivering a way for users to be able to create amazing websites using MS Word.

Many people shy away from creating websites based on what they perceive to be a very stiff learning curve. Fortunately, a new affordable alternative to complicated web development now exists and users couldn’t be more pleased, Webbyword. Webbyword allows users to create sites using a MS Word template totally removing the headaches associated with website design. Simply fill out the MS Word template, email the document and website is created.

“If you can create a word document you can build a website using Webbyword,” commented a spokesperson from the company. “By removing the complications of web design it opens the door for users to create websites for their business efforts or for hobbies and interests in a way that’s really liberating. Nearly everyone with even the smallest amount of computer skills has used MS Word and if you can use MS Word, you can do an awesome website on our platform.”

According to the company, the preset templates make creating a website not just easy, but also very quick. The sites are also completely professional looking, including front page slide shows, head and body text, all the way to compelling testimonials, about us and contact pages. When it’s all said and done the end result are pages that impress even the critical eye.

Clients have responded with enthusiastic reviews.

John C., from Washington, recently said, “I still can’t believe it’s very easy to make a wonderful website with the power of MS Word. I wish I had access to Webbyword a year ago and I could have saved a good deal of time and money having sites worked on for my marketing efforts. Now I can handle it all myself. Five stars and fully recommended.”

For more information be sure to visit http://www.webbyword.com

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