The new app ‘URHere’ helps find exact locations more easily

The newly launched mobile application named ‘URHere’ will eliminate the directional challenges and help the users find the businesses and other locations more easily. The application will not only benefit the general public but also allow the businesses to list down their names and make it more accessible to the potential customers who otherwise may have difficulty in spotting the business location.

The app is designed to make it easier for the users to find a specific location, especially in large stores or big buildings. Since the businesses can also list their names through the app, it will allow them to make themselves more visible to the public and avoid any customer loss due to directional issues faced by them.

The application can help the user find directions, indoors as well as outdoors. With the help of URHere, the users will be able to watch a commercial about the business, access the inside directions and view the bus timings. The app provides three packages to businesses at a nominal monthly fee.  The app is free for users.

The Silver package for the businesses is the basic package that includes using the GPS service and uploading one video. The cost of this package is $250 per month.

The Gold package will allow the businesses to upload their commercial, send push notifications about offers to prospective customers and also provide open wireless connected to the business. This package will also provide analysis of the number of people walked in and out of the business at a price of $450 per month.

Through the platinum package, the businesses can access GPS, IPS, push technology, analytical data, open wireless and they can also track the most popular items sold. The cost of this package depends upon the size of the building.

URhere, based in Bridgeport, Connecticut, combines the maps and indoor navigation into one application and offers a chance for the public and businesses to connect with each other. The developers of this app hold more than 10 years of experience in the IT field.

The businesses can market their name through the application while the users can navigate the inside of buildings such as hospitals, malls, grocery stores, amusement parks, big box stores and casinos. The app also provides bus routes and timing of the bus in real time. With URHere, the businesses can connect to the customers in a better way.

This app is set to be released in January through iTunes™.

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Company Name: URHere
Contact Person: Mark Lazarus
Phone: 203-561-4944
Country: United States