A decade on, Michigan filmmaker releases passion project Shockwave Darkside

“A still from Shockwave Darkside”
Jay Weisman’s science-fiction film gets wide VOD release in January

A ten year labor of love has resulted in the greatest of Christmas presents for indie filmmaker Jay Weisman.

On January 2, the Michigan native’s modest science-fiction film Shockwave Darkside gets a wide release through leading distributor Uncork’d Entertainment. After years of perfecting a curtain of amazing visual effects, Favorit film, Pipeline Entertainment and Red Giant Media team with the Dallas-based distrib to unleash the film onto audiences. 

Weisman said in a recent interview that at first he didn’t even know that he was embarking on making a movie.  Originally, he saw it as a way to perfect his writing.

“I started writing Shockwave Darkside just about ten years ago now. Well, tinkering at first more than writing. It was a few scribbles on the subway to and from work – a line here, a thought there that was slowly congealing for a spell. For a while I had no intention of making it – it was just something I was doing to exercise my writing muscles. But over time it just started to snowball as the characters and world started to come alive in a way that was both surprising and real. I was simply having too much fun, and I wanted more.”

Weisman, who is a long-time admirer of the works of Rod Serling and Ray Bradbury, could soon see the movie he wanted to make.

“I wanted to do something that was a throwback to a more thoughtful and allegorical kind of sci-fi, yet update it somehow. I wanted to give it a relevance and a modern-day jolt that I thought could be both timely and exciting, and it all just kind of made sense.”

The film, shot in an industrial sandpit in Harwich, Massachusetts on Cape Cod, features over 1000 visual effects shots created by hundreds of whiz-bang artists from all over the globe – including New York, Cape Cod, Los Angeles, Munich, Beijing and Buenos Aires.

Weisman got his break working visual effects on the telemovie A Town Has Turned to Dusk starring Ron Perlman and Stephen Lang before crossing into directing – helming his own short films, as well as episodes of 1000 Ways to Die.

Shockwave Darkside takes a traditional ’50s science-fiction yarn and bathes it in an exciting, thrilling contemporary cloth.  It is 2099. A group of soldiers, shot down and behind enemy lines in a war over water, frozen in the deep craters of the lunar surface, find themselves marooned on the dark side of the moon. With depleting air and supplies, they have no choice but to start a dangerous trek through hostile territory. As their numbers dwindle and nerves fray, they make an amazing discovery about the moon that just might save their lives, but destroy the very cause that they are fighting for.

“When I watch the film I am catapulted through this crazy time-capsule of births and deaths, cross-country moves, hookups and break-ups, as well as everything in between,” said Weisman in an interview with Hey U Guys, anxiously awaiting the feedback he receives from his audience when the film hits DVD January 5.

Rave reviews and millions would be the goal of most filmmakers but for Jay Weisman, much of the dream has already come true.

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/KDbYhBjYoLE

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