Flipbook Creator PUB HTML5 Answers 3 Major Questions of eBook Statistics

Digital publications have been on the increase recently. This however has come with its problems with publishers struggling not only with their publications, but with how to track and analyze the performance of such publications.

Digital publication used to be a big problem especially when it comes to converting the printed material into a digital version. Thankfully, PUB HTML5 came to the rescue by introducing flipbook creator to help solve this conversion issue and digital publishers are now able to publish their works on the internet with little or no stress.

Even with this development, three questions bug the minds of digital publishers especially as it concerns the use of PUB HTML5. According to the people behind the flipbook creator application, which is by the way free to use, these questions listed below are perfectly answered by the application.

1. What kind of publication statistics PUB HTML5 offers?

2. Is Google Analytics able to track flipbook statistics at page level?

3. How can the book statistics of flipbooks hosted on PUB HTML5 server be tracked?

Concerning the first question as regards the kind of statistics offered by PUB HTML5, this free flipbook creator allows users or publishers as they can be called to access and assess the visit info on the target items, allowing users to track their publication’s performance especially with the help of Google Analytics, which also leads to the answer of the third question which is whether book statistics of flipbooks hosted on PUB HTML5 server can be tracked and how this can be done. But answer to the second question is NO. Google Analytics web tracking code doesn’t track flipbook statistics at page level.

For more detailed answers, one can also go to http://pubhtml5.com/help/Statistics

The first step to tracking the Google Analytics statistics is to import the PDF file after of course launching the HTML5 platform. This is followed by customizing the magazine using the Design interface on the platform if that has not been done previously. Adding the Google Analytics tool is possible from the Custom Setting tab on the Design Interface. The final step involved in this process is publishing the magazine on the internet after which the Google Analytics can be monitored after every login.

Thanks to the user-friendly interface of the platform, tracking the statistics of the flipbooks is very easy with virtually anyone able to do it.


PUB HTML5 has been able to establish herself as a top provider of digital publication solutions with a wide range of free flipbook creators provided to digital publishers across the globe. From coverting the material to digital publication and subsequently customizing and publishing the digital content, digital publishers have been able to rip the many benefits provided by PUB HTML5.

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