Do You Have Water Damage in Your Home or Office?

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A busted pipe, a leaking faucet, moisture buildup, or a heavy downpour can significantly weaken the overall structural integrity of your home.

Water, as much as it is vital to both the human body and the maintenance of healthy living, can also be damaging.

Effects of Water Damage

While the immediate effects of water damage may not be noticeable aside from the very obvious puddle and the resulting nuisance it affords you, it is more like a ticking time bomb just waiting to detonate. Water leaks that have not been immediately fixed can seep through the different layers of the structure where it is accumulating. Even if it were allowed to dry naturally, the length of time it has stayed on the surface is just enough to weaken the structures underneath it.

For the most part, water damage can be an excellent breeding ground for molds. While molds themselves are not necessarily dangerous, when they do proliferate and start producing spores that they simply spread into the air, that is the time when the effects of water damage are felt. And although it is not yet too late to mitigate the long-term effects of water damage, it would have already started wreaking havoc on either your home or you and your family, or both.

Water Damage and Health

Molds naturally love damp and dark places. Water damaged areas, although dry on the surface, can still have some amount of moisture underneath. This makes it an excellent medium for mold growth. Molds are particularly devastating to members of the household who have allergies as well as respiratory problems. Young children are especially vulnerable because of their still immature immune systems. The elderly are also at an increased risk for respiratory issues because of a faulty or diminished functioning of the immune system.

Puddles of water that have been left to accumulate can also be excellent breeding ground for other vectors that carry viruses, parasites, and even bacteria that can bring a host of different infections to anyone in the household.

Broken sewer lines and toilets as well as sump pumps all contain water that is rich in harmful microorganisms. While these may not necessarily be airborne, the gases that they emit can reach airway passages leading to symptoms of cold, flu, and pneumonia.

What Can You Do?

The best way to manage water damage is prevention. When there is no water damage, then there will be no problems. This is why it is important to perform periodic maintenance checks in every possible source of water leak or water problem in your home. For offices, it is best to have your maintenance crew work together with the safety engineer or occupational health and safety officer to perform periodic checks on all water and plumbing facilities inside your office building. At the earliest sign of a water problem, repairs must be instituted immediately. If you cannot do it yourself, you can always call for the services of a professional plumbing service.

For water-damaged articles, it is imperative that full water damage restoration procedures be effected instantaneously in order to arrest the worsening of the water damage. Professional water damage companies can provide you with the best possible solutions for a variety of your water damage concerns.

You do not have to wait for water damage to be evident. Regular maintenance checks and prompt repair of problems can do the job of mitigating water damage effects. Or you can just leave everything to the professional water damage company to carry out their expertise.

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