Deep Mission Drives SEI Club’s Luxury Matchmaking & Dating

Matchmaking and dating service strives to be a positive force in the world.

LOS ANGELES, CA – Dec 24, 2015 – Bringing people together to form romantic partnerships is only part of the mission of elite luxury matchmaking service SEI Club – the club also exists to create a more positive life for its members.

While SEI Club specializes in elite matchmaking, dating, and introduction services for the ultra-affluent, super-successful, and incredibly beautiful, they are guided by a deeper mission to make their members’ lives more beautiful and meaningful.

Says a company spokesperson, “When someone seems to have essentially everything and has achieved so much in their lives, it’s imperative that they meet and date potential partners who add major value and joy to their already amazing lives. This is what makes life as whole more fun and fulfilling.”

“Our greater mission is to make life more peaceful, balanced, beautiful and meaningful,” said the spokesperson for SEI Club. “Our members are successful, driven and ambitious, and we know how valuable it is for them to have a supportive, respectful, happy partner as part of their life. A thriving relationship offers people a more positive, balanced outlook on life.”

The service, which has executives who have been working with the ultra-elite for more than 14 years, has a strong record of success, with previous and current members including Forbes billionaires, CEOs, nobility, hedge fund managers and celebrities. Every applicant goes through a screening process where they meet personally with a member of the SEI Club executive team. That meeting includes an examination of the applicant’s values, ethics and overall outlook on the world, a spokesperson for the service said.

“Our members aren’t just successful – they’re good people. By meeting each applicant and screening for how well they follow the Golden Rule and other basic values and perspectives that define the true elite, we can make sure that all of our members can find romantic partners who they want to spend their lives with.”

That screening, along with a full understanding of a member’s romantic and dating preferences, allows the service to offer the highest quality matches. Plus, as an international club, there is no shortage of elite gentlemen and women whom the club serves. In addition to the US and Europe, the club recently expanded to Asia as well (read more about the expansion here:

“Being selective means that our members can be confident that their matches are not just drawn from the same pool of accomplished professionals that they come from, but also from good, positive people to date and form a relationship with” the spokesperson said. “Our members are accustomed to the very best in every aspect of their lives, and we ensure they won’t be disappointed when it comes to their dating lives.”

SEI Club reviews share positive feedback members have had when dating through SEI Club. One woman wrote about how her expectations were exceeded through the club as she met the perfect man for her… Another person talked about the fun and excitement she experienced in the SEI Club reviews that were featured. And a third member, a guy, mentioned that the people at SEI Club really know what they are doing. Clearly, the club’s extensive selection process and deeper vision is working well for many members.

When asked how it’s done, the club spokesperson mentioned “First of all, when introducing two people to each other it’s imperative that they both be secure, whole, happy, well-adjusted human beings. This is the foundation for any enjoyable friendship and romantic relationship. Once that’s screened for, it simply becomes about who has compatibility in terms of lifestyle interests, and personality sensibilities. The exclusivity of the club ensures that each member is high quality which results in exceptional matchmaking and dating for everyone who participates.”

The SEI Club blogs further outline what men and women can expect when meeting a fellow club member as a match or for a date. SEI Club women are apparently beautiful, accomplished, and well-adjusted where as SEI Club men are intelligent, evolved, and successful.

Apparently being a millionaire or billionaire isn’t enough to enter and participate… you have to be a decent person guided by positive values too. In that case, it really is the world’s most exclusive club.

More information, including an application for membership, is available at the club website.

Learn more about SEI Club and their membership options here:

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