Ciba Brand Launches Initial Product With Introductory Price

Dec 24, 2015 – Ciba Brand is pleased to announce the launch of its initial product, the Cibababy Diaper Change Organizer. The “newborn company” is focused on baby care, safety and comfort items and the diaper change organizer is the first of their helpful items. The product is an excellent choice for any new parent, especially at the limited time discounted price. The organizer is sold by Ciba Brand and fulfilled by

The Cibababy organizer comes with free shipping on orders over $35. Purchasers can also obtain gift wrap, if desired. The quality of the product is such that it comes with a 30-day “Love it or Leave it” guarantee. The company wants to ensure that each customer is satisfied with the quality and functionality of the product.

There are several features which make the Cibababy Diaper Change Organizer a welcome solution for keeping the changing area for Baby well organized, clean and safe. All the diapering needs are easily accessible without the need to leave the child unattended. The organizer can be laundered in the washing machine. The top shelf holds a wipe container or electric wipe warmed within easy reach.

With a number of roomy pockets and added support on the back, sides and bottom of the organizer, parents won’t have to bend down and search for needed supplies. The color is unisex, and the high quality polyester is durable and easy to clean. It is easy to take along while traveling and can be attached to all play yards. 

A full description of the product can be seen at the product URL at

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