Exhibitor Airwheel Technology Will Participate in 2016 CES

Exhibitor Airwheel Technology will attend the 2016 International Consumer Electronics Show which will begin on 6th January at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Nevada. The booths of Airwheel will be located in No. 48001 & 48003 of Hilton Hall.

CES is an important as well as grand show for all electronics producers or traders. Up to now, it has been 47 years since it was founded in 1967. Although there is official policy to bar personal transportation devices like scooters, Segways, skateboards, and bikes from the show grounds at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Hoverboards just made their debut on the banned list. Apparently, don’t expect that to keep exhibitors from bringing wheeled gear to the show floor since it’s the year’s hottest gadget on Christmas list.

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Airwheel, a company engaged in developing and manufacturing electric scooters says they’ve also been made aware that CES and some other departments are cracking down. But Airwheel is still planning to loan people self-balancing scooters so they can roll to convention center or to meetings off-site. And it may schedule some staffs working on a specific place for journalists to store or pick up the scooters while they are at the show. It’s a good time to show off Airwheel scooter’s capabilities like portability and handiness. Meanwhile, it proves that scooters are primarily for last-mile commuting between mass transit and where the rider’s going.

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On the other hand, it’s said that Airwheel will employ some scooter players to ride around outside of the show floor, handing anyone and everyone cards directing them to the booths inside. Obviously, Airwheel will not let all onlookers or visitors down for its fantastic electric scooters. In this upcoming exhibition, it will bring its classic products and new released scooters to showcase in those two booths. The old classic scooters is majored with X series unicycles and Q series twin-wheeled scooters.

The new arrivals are majored by self-balancing two-wheeled electric scooters except for F3 hubless annular unicycle. M3 is a wireless remote control electric skateboard; Z3 is a folding scooter for its height adjustment lock, a foldable torsion-spring unit connecting the front fork and the rear part and foldable foot rests.

All those scooters including A3 two-wheel unit with a saddle will show up in CES. Airwheel will welcome all visitors to test them.

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