HFS Offshore Banking Mobile App Can Create an Offshore Plan for You

Dec 24, 2015 – Harbor Financial Services (HFS) introduces the first mobile app in offshore banking that is educational as well as informative. It explains everything about offshore banking and allows the user to create an offshore bank account plan.

HFS’ Offshore Banking App can be downloaded from the iTunes store at:

The HFS Offshore Banking Mobile App contains various information about the basics of offshore banking. It addresses some of the issues that surround this type of international online private banking. While offshore banking has been in existence for years, many people don’t have an idea of the details of opening an offshore bank account – its meaning, benefits, advantages and disadvantages, steps to apply for an account and the requirements for application. The mobile app for offshore banking by HFS clarifies all the misconceptions of offshore banks.

A unique feature of the offshore banking mobile app by the Harbor Financial Services is its capability to create an offshore plan. After reading the educational information, the user understands the importance of offshore banking. He can create an offshore plan by responding to a few questions and once all the required information are gathered by the mobile app, it displays a proposal that is customized to the user’s needs and preferences.

HFS has connections with established offshore corporations to serve their clients from all over the world. With its various connections, the company can create a Complete Offshore Package that contains the necessary foundations of a complete offshore structure regardless of the client’s situation. The package contains all the items needed to achieve offshore bank client’s goals: privacy, protection of assets or doing business internationally.

HFS customizes their offshore plan for their unique clients. With their new offshore banking mobile app, users can create an offshore plan, save it and retrieve it by using a PIN number, build another offshore plan, and open an offshore bank account through the mobile app. HFS’ offshore banking app provides all the information that a user need such as the reasons to go offshore, the HFS companies and their services, how to become an offshore banking client, frequently asked questions, the service and fees of processing the international offshore bank account, the fees and more.

Another feature of the HFS mobile account is the “Ask a Question.” The user types his name, phone, email and question then clicks “Send”. The app informs the user that the approximate time for a reply to arrive is less than one hour during business hours. With a fast reply system, users can easily gather the information they need and decide on creating an account in offshore banking countries.

About HFS

Harbor Financial Services have great reputation with key banking officials and have helped many prospective bank clients when they were in the confusion of how to “go offshore.” HFS has been proven as trustworthy as well as systematic and organized in the way they handle their transactions with their bank clients. With their Offshore Banking Mobile App, HFS shares with the world of iPad and iPhone users the details of opening an offshore bank account.

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