3 Most Common Questions about Digital Magazine Software Answered by PUB HTML5

Providing assistance to their users in using their digital magazine software in the most efficient manner to its complete potential, the makers of PUB HTML5 have released answers to three mostly asked questions so that clients can find answers to them in easiest of ways.

The digital magazine software from PUB HTML5 has been emerging as highly efficient software to create extremely enriched and engaging digital magazines without many efforts in a much quick time. The software has already been getting high reviews for its impressive results so far. The makers of the software have gone through the users’ queries and have answered the most commonly asked 3 questions, answers to which, will assist potential users in understanding and using the software to its complete potential.

The company officials talked about their research about the queries and said, “We went through the things that users most commonly are asking about our digital magazine maker and have come up with the three most frequently asked questions and thus decided to answer them for users’ assistance.”

1. “How to create offline digital publications: The offline digital publications can be created either by using any of the formats from the software and publishing it to local computer, or by downloading online from user’s account.

2. “Can we view offline publications without access to internet: Yes, feature of digital magazine software that allows user to publish his/her work to local computer in HTML or .exe format making it possible to view them without internet.

3. “How can I offer a download link for users to download my flipbook: This can be done by uploading the zip format of the user’s work to its server through a third party FTP tool and get the link. Once done, user needs to go to download settings, add the URL and apply change.

The company officials said that most of the potential buyers of their digital magazine software ask these questions most frequently. The digital magazine software has been getting rave feedbacks from all around and the release of these three answers is an attempt from the digital magazine software makers to make have their clients the most sought after service and experience with them.

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