Make Christmastime Memorable with Airwheel S6 Two-wheeled intelligent walk car

The upcoming Christmas is just around the corner. Annular festival seems the same so to ride an Airwheel S6 self-balancing two-wheel electric scooter makes this year’s memorable.

Cheer up in the Christmastime. There are the glowing Christmas lights, sparkling snowflakes, the festive music, the giving spirit, and the holiday parties. Kids all over the world delight in decorating Christmas trees, baking Christmas goodies, and the excitement of Santa Claus. The buzz of the holiday season is almost magical, yet Christmas is even better than the fun celebrations. On Christmas every year, while giving and receiving gifts is fun, the celebration of Christmas can be special without breaking the bank. That is to ride Airwheel S6 two-wheel electric scooter with a cushion seat, making Christmas memorable without spending a fortune.

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S6 does not need a gas pedal or steering wheel since it’s powered by green energy resource, and it can be driven through the center of gravity. The whole structure of this intelligent walk car is adopting magnesium alloy material which is light yet solid. And that material does not give out any polluted gas to ruin the festival mood. Hence, it’s a green product to give us a cleaner and fresher ambience.

saddle-equipped electric scooter

On the foot rests, there does not have a handlebar, but an adjustable operating arm with a cushion covered with genuine leather. Riders can adjust the height of the cushion until it’s suitable to ride. This humanized design complying with ergonomics offers riders a comfortable ride. Besides, this novel design gives riders two ways of riding, standing or sitting to ride for the cushion is able to be adjustable.

If the rider is tired of standing a long time to ride the saddle-equipped electric scooter, he can stretch out the cushion in the suitable height; if riders want to stand for a better sight, they can just make the cushion in the lowest position. Riding S6 can be effortless when the user needs to rush to the party site. Furthermore, it’s handy to ride it to give presents because the bag holding gifts can be tied on the rod.

Make 2015 Christmas memorable is only to ride S6, but also some other wonderful ideas. This tip is just from the editor, helping do a favor for readers.

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