Wartune Novel Indiegogo Campaign Draws to an End and Proficient City Christmas Events

The Wartune Browser to Book event is ending in less than a week, and the author, Chioma Osifo, has been busy writing. She plans on having the novel finished by the end of March 2016. So far the Wartune team has not only received players’ support for the project, but also many opinions on the novel. These ideas will be collected and a few might even make it into the book.

However, there are many other fabulous events waiting for you besides the Wartune novel. First of all, they opened a new server especially for Christmas on December 17th. They will also provide special Christmas gift packs for anyone entering the new server. Join the fun, and you’ll feel the Christmas spirit everywhere. There are a lot of other exclusive monthly events and rewards, including Reindeer Hats, Reindeer Robes and Christmas Sleigh Cards, as well as unique sailing wings for the Christmas server! Don’t hesitate to share gifts and fight some epic battles on server 456. It’s definitely where you’ll have the most fun this Christmas season. Unless you’re playing paintball. That’s always the most fun.

Wartune - Novels and Noel

In Version 5.2, there are new functions, systems and Eudaemon, which have brought new fun and electricity to the game. Who doesn’t want to prance around with their new Eudaemon in some fancy Christmas digs?

They also have the Proficient City Christmas Connection event. Four of their biggest games, Legend Knight, DDTank, Eternal Fury and Wartune, are giving away huge prizes. All you have to do is post your picture and get your friends to Like it, and you can win. The person with the most likes in each category will win prizes including a $100 gift card, and a limited-edition postcard. The photo with the most Likes over-all will win an iPad Pro! More in-game rewards are on their official Facebook page and the Christmas Connection website. Take advantage of this amazing opportunity and win some amazing gifts.

It’s Christmas time, so celebrate with Proficient City. Take some photos to participate in their contest and maybe get yourself an iPad Pro, or play Wartune if you haven’t already and join the Christmas festivities. If you’re feeling really adventurous head to their Indiegogo page and give someone the gift of a Wartune book plus some other exclusive rewards. The possibilities are endless, just like you choices in how to enjoy this holiday season!



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Proficient City is a subsidiary of Game Hollywood. It has published over 20 games including Wartune, DDTank Mobile, and Eternal Fury. It has been publishing games since 2008, has offices in Asia and Spain, and will soon be opening a branch in North America.

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