PUB HTML5 Introduces Unique Page Flip PDF Format with Tremendous Potential

The new online publishing solution from PUB HTML5 allows providers of digital content to easily create a wide range of publications that can provide a superior experience over reading physical books.

Continuous upgrades to the new digital publishing platform from PUB HTML5 has resulted in publishers having the latest in digital publishing technology to use in the creation of content. The software’s page flip PDF format now makes it possible for a number of features to be embedded, which promise to make publications more engaging than reading physical books.

With over 640,000 users worldwide, PUB HTML5 has proved to be the publishing software provider of choice for many businesses and individuals. Its digital flipbook maker has been used to create a number of digital publications, including catalogs, brochures, magazines and eBooks. The software can be used to create content from scratch or by converting static documents into a page flip PDF format with numerous functionalities.

Among the top benefits offered by the software include allowing publishers to integrate audio and video into their online publications and enriching their content with numerous animation effects. In addition, the publications can be accessed and viewed on most devices, including PCs, tablets and smartphones which run on all popular operating systems. When digital publications are viewed on mobile devices, readers are able to experience a realistic, page-turning effect that is reminiscent of reading physical books.

The page flip PDF format of the new software from PUB HTML5 is based on the latest HTML5 technology. This eliminates the need for online viewers to download a flash player to view content. The new software is available for free download to users of both Mac and Windows computers.

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PUB HTML5 provides cutting edge digital publishing software solutions to enhance the content delivery of businesses and individuals worldwide.

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