Fyoosion Retention Automation Platform Helps Develop Impactful and Rewarding Long Term Relationships

Fyoosion emerges as the most impactful retention automation platform for marketers.

Fyoosion, the popular marketing automation platform that has got marketers highly excited and enthusiastic, is fast becoming the preferred retention automation platform. The marketing tools and features available on Fyoosion is not only helping marketers improve their conversion numbers significantly but is also helping them retain customers and develop a long term relationship.

“Fyoosion is proud to become the most reliable and reputable retention automation platform among leading marketers,” says the founder and CEO of the company, Mr. Abhishek Jain. “Our unique Marketing-as-a-Service platform deploys breakthrough technology to help marketers in lead generation and improve conversion numbers impressively. We also help you retain customers by engaging them and nurturing meaningful long term relationships using our proven marketing strategies.”

Marketers know that their job will be remarkably easy if they can create a client database that grows over time at a consistent pace. Customer acquisition software from Fyoosion help marketers in adding new and active customers to the database while the customer retention tools help improve customer retention impressively.

Expectations of customers undergo a constant churn as the marketplace keeps changing. Marketers who can anticipate the expectations of customers and satisfy their existing and future needs will be able to achieve unlimited success. Fyoosion customer acquisition and retention platform plays a crucial role in helping marketers achieve this. With Fyoosion’s advanced and proven marketing tools and technologies, it becomes easy for marketers to read the minds of customers and incorporate necessary changes quickly for achieving great results. 

Fyoosion offers highly sophisticated retention automation. It has been developed specifically to optimize conversion and retain existing customers using a number of marketing tools. These tools are user-friendly and can be easily deployed.
Fyoosion is a highly advanced and innovative marketing platform, developed by marketing and technology experts with years of collective experience in both fields under their belts. The core objective of this marketing automation software is to provide marketers with highly developed, tested and proven marketing tools that go way beyond the conventional idea of a marketing setup.

Fyoosion want marketers to look beyond channels, consultants and IT professionals. With Fyoosion, they need not wait for approval and green signal from their IT department to draw up, develop, create and launch marketing campaigns and strategies that are guaranteed to deliver results beyond expectations. The customer acquisition and retention platform has the ability to do all the heavy lifting in the marketing process, to ease the job of marketers and empower them to make independent marketing decisions.

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About Fyoosion:
Fyoosion is a marketing automation engine which offers a unique and innovative Marketing-as-a-Service platform based on breakthrough technology to drive up conversion rates for businesses. The engine puts marketers in complete control of their operations and assists them in implementing agile and nimble marketing strategies to maximize results. Fyoosion is headed by Abhishek Jain, an IT expert with over 20 years of experience including long years in marketing at the highest level; for over 10 years he has been a CIO in a number of venture backed start-ups. The other founder is Dmitriy Polonsky, a web development expert with 17 years of varied industry experience including over six years in the Direct-to-Consumer niche.

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