Best Bluetooth Speakers for New Year 2016: Recommended Portable Wireless Speakers for Music Lovers

With just few days left for new year 2016, one of the top wished items is bluetooth speakers. Music is an integral part of new year celebrations and wireless speakers add life to it. The traditional wired speakers are becoming obsolete as they are less flexible in portability and hence portable wireless speakers have been showing a trending demand from music lovers. Keeping this trend in light, has brought up a list of 8 best bluetooth speakers for new year 2016.

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For most of the bluetooth speakers, the quality of sound is not yet compatible with that of wired speakers. The reason for decreased sound is the scattering of sound which results in sound loss. But there are some brands which have been providing better quality with their new models of wireless speakers. They have come up with unique designs to compensate for scattering of sound and thereby delivering good results.

For some of such bluetooth speakers, the quality of sound fades out with direction change and alignment of speakers. The better configuration of such wireless speakers come with multi integration options which means that they can be integrated to computer systems, smartphones, ipads and other bluetooth enabled devices. They can act as computer speakers at one time and smartphone speaker at another time due to multi connectivity options. Now many speakers also come with inbuilt FM tuner option to connect directly to FM stations.

The real worth of bluetooth speakers becomes visible on outdoor events like vacations, trekking etc. In such situations, getting limited by length of wire becomes a serious hurdle to enjoy the event. For home use, wired speakers cause arrangement problems as they cannot go beyond a certain distance. Bluetooth speakers with high range of connectivity enable the placement of speakers at a more flexible position and also provide a good wireless surround sound.

One can find various brands and configurations of such wireless speakers at big online stores. The major plus point in getting bluetooth speakers through such stores is  that one can arrange these products through various dimensions like price, popularity, ratings, brands etc. One can even find competitive pricing and deals on portable wireless speakers on these stores.

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