Crowdfunding Campaign for HMB Simulator \”Medieval Steel Warriors\” to Close in 27 Days

The crowdfunding campaign for Medieval Steel Warriors, a historical medieval battles simulator, will close in 27 days. It will be the only chance to grab perks and bonuses and show support for the simulator.

MedievalSteel Warriors focuses on making a fight as realistic as possible. The historical medieval battles simulator implements sports rules supported by the HMB community. Moscow Russian Federation, the game developer, works with the best HMB fighters to provide fighters with the maximum realness of fight. For the company, “it is impossible to make a good simulator if the developers are not engaged in the game subject.” This is why each member of the team has trained with HMB fighters while wearing medieval armor.

MedievalSteel Warriors is free to play and offers the maximum level of realism with its unique feature of allowing fighters to learn and repeat every game movement in reality. The game’s PC version has restrictions. There is no access to trade, fights, auction and general and private chats. Players have to purchase a digital key for real or using their ingame money to remove the restrictions.

As it is on an open source client and game server, players can make changes not only to the game but also to open private servers. The list of servers shows every private server. Players who would like to play on private serves can choose it from the list to automatically get the missing resources and begin playing.

The battle mechanics is rather easy. Battles in the game occur on special areas and various numbers of participants take part in the game. The main goal of players is to survive and prevent their enemies from inflicting damage to them, breaking their game or continuing the fight. What sets MedievalSteel Warriors apart from other fights is the fact that players can learn and repeat all game movements in reality. Many techniques and movements used in most games today, though beautiful to look at, are futile or impossible in real life. Moscow Russian Federation refused to include a lot of impressive things as these are not suitable for the stimulator.  The combat tactics in MedievalSteel Warriors, on the other hand, will be useable in real battles.

Another unique feature of the game is the indispensable connection of virtual and real trainings. Players no longer need to sit in front of the computer for hours just to be a cool virtual fighter. Those who are actively going to the gym can add up their real workout in the game as well as improve their character. During the game, the character gets points that can be used to boost their endurance, strength and agility. Players can choose the features they want and how to enhance them depending on their fighting style. More points are required for characteristics with higher value.

Some skills also develop only when they’re applied. Beginners may know about all the game tactics in theory, but don’t know how to use them efficiently. As MedievalSteel Warriors allows them to use the techniques during training or the fight, they improve their combinations and skills. This makes them more precise, faster and more efficient.

The simulator provides players with virtual training halls to develop their skills. The effectiveness of the training will differ depending on the hall’s indicators. Anyone can open the training halls. Players who own the training hall in realty can decorate a virtual hall and state their contact information. All of these can be done for free.

MedievalSteel Warriors also allows players to earn money. While players can earn money through fighting, they can choose to make crafting gear if they wish to take a break or if their money is not enough. Those with medium crafting skills can make armor and weapons better than what NPCs offer.

Opponents for fights are chosen automatically or through a prearranged fight between teams or a direct call on duel. The automatic selection system chooses players with equal skills. In team fights and duels, players should estimate their opponents. Different championship for teams and individuals players will eventually occur in the game. The rules will be a little different depending on the participants and scale of the championship.

Moscow Russian Federation hopes that the crowdfunding campaign for the simulator will be a success. Those will pledge will receive perks from the game developer. Individuals who will pledge $3 will be given access to early closed game test. Those who will donate $9 will get their names included in the game credit and receive a “special thanks” from Moscow Russian Federation. More perks and bonuses await those who will pledge. 

Those who cannot donate are encouraged to share the campaign around. 

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