Wrist Charge, the solar operated power bank, launches on Indiegogo

The revolutionary new power bank which operates with the help of solar cells is now available on Indiegogo. The device named, ‘Wrist Charge’ can be worn as a wrist band and launched on Indiegogowith a goal of raising $40,000. The device is a result of increasing climate concerns in Paris and people turning to renewable energy sources for their energy needs. The world is facing the terrible issue of global warming and since many people have realized it, they have started to utilize the renewable energy sources to create devices for our daily needs.

Wrist Charge will make it possible for the user to charge their Smartphone anywhere and anytime. The device is created using solar cells and solar energy which is believed to have endless possibilities for a better lifestyle and better environment.

To bring the device to the mainstream market will of course need huge investment, for which the campaign has been started. The amount raised from the campaign will be used in covering the cost of manufacturing, marketing and distributing of the product and making it available to as many people as possible at a nominal price.

The funding will allow the developers to produce the product on a larger scale and distribute it worldwide. The contributors will have a chance to own the product at an early bird price through the Indiegogo campaign.  The users can contribute as less than $1, however for owning the Wrist Charge the users can pledge for $100 or more.

With increasing number of smart phone users, there has been an emerging need for power banks as well. With the help of a power bank, the user does not have to be dependent on charging points and they can charge their phone anytime or anywhere, especially when there are no charging options available around. Wrist Charge is all set to take the market of power banks to the next level as it utilizes solar energy to work, which saves energy and ultimately helps in saving the environment.

Unlike the conventional power banks, Wrist Charge is made in form of a wrist band which makes it easy for the user it carry it anywhere in purse, hand bag or simply wear it around their wrist while travelling. The user won’t have to depend on the stationary charging points anymore, with Wrist Charge.

The Indiegogo campaign ends by February 2016 and the first model of wrist charge will be tested in April 2016. The backers on Indiegogo will receive their perks and rewards by the end of next year i.e. in December 2016.

Media Contact
Company Name: WristCharge
Contact Person: Jeel Patel
Email: jmpatel1992@gmail.com
Phone: 601-832-9877
Country: United States
Website: www.indiegogo.com/projects/wristcharge#/