Bedriftsbasen CEO Gunnar Andreassen calls for stronger law enforcement on hacking

One of the biggest challenges for any successful online business seems to be hacking. With global news stories about big sites getting hacked, there is more awareness about online industrial spying and sabotage. But even with increased security, some are still trying to destroy websites around the world.

“Our website is one of the most visited websites in Norway, recently it was hacked and sabotaged to reduce traffic – due to our experience in this area, we fixed it before any serious damage was done,” Gunnar Andreassen says.

Losing revenue is an obvious consequence of e-commerce cyber crime, negative publicity is another one. Hacking can also harm brand value, erode business relationships with customers and other stakeholders thus reducing potential revenue. 

“I don’t want to speculate if it was done by criminals or competitors that wants to sabotage our site and company. However I can say that we are frustrated by a lacking law enforcement response to attacks like these,” Andreassen says.

Protecting the web is important for the world economy, so stopping forces disrupting online trade should be a high priority among governments and law enforcement departments. 

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About Gunnar Andreassen

Gunnar Andreassen is an online marketing expert, serial entrepreneur and a published author. He’s a Google AdWords and Google Analytics certified partner. He’s is also a member of Web Design Professionals, Web Design and Developers Association, Interaction Design Association and International Webmaster Association.

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