PUB HTML5 Page Flip Software V5.0.0 Offers Multiple Enhancements to Users

PUB HTML5 team has once again managed to steel the limelight of the digital publishing arena with their latest enhanced version of the page flip software, v5.0.0. The new version features many enhancements in four directions.

After a long break of 6 months, the PUB HTML5 team has introduced a high performance, versatile version of the premium page flip software to the market. The focus of the new enhancements is distributed in four directions: improved templates, improved reading experience on mobile devices, improved page editor, and optimized display of buttons. Since the last version update six months ago, the PUB HTML5 team led by Jason Chan worked on developing the page flip software in order to offer an amazing experience to users, each time they design a digital flipbook. The team effort of this dedicated and talented team has been a tremendous success and the fruit of their hard work is now ready to assist thousands of digital publishers worldwide.

Over 10+ templates are offered to the user base through the new enhancement of the page flip software enabling users to pick a matching template based on the topic of their flipbook. These templates are rich in graphic quality and offer a novel outlook to online publications. Moreover, V5.0.0 introduces readers who use smartphones and tabs to access and read digital magazines, brochures or catalogues to an unparallel experience. This feature alone boosts the reader base for digital publications exponentially, since a majority of present readers prefers mobile friendly publications.

The new page flip software has been generous on e-publishers; the improved page editor of PUB HTML5 is a great relief for creative publishers with an ultra busy schedule and publishers in the novice level. The advanced page editing features of the platform allow users to give life to their imagination in a couple of drag and drops, and clicks. After identifying that the appearance of the buttons can help the readers of the ezines and other publications navigate easily, the PUB HTML5 page flip software has introduced and improved the display of buttons.

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