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Diamond Career Hub, led by renowned Career Strategy Expert, Jolene Hey, brings two new webinars – “How to Interview for a job successfully without related experience” and “How can kids make money”.

Two live webinars have been announced by Diamond Career Hub and are available now at Led by Career Strategist Jolene Hey, these sessions are available for free. They include “How to Interview for a Job Successfully without Related Experience”, held on Wednesday, December 23 at noon, Central and the upcoming “How Kids Can Make Money” on Monday, December 28 at 8:00 PM, Central.

Boeing, the company where Jolene has worked for 10 years, hired her based on her grades in her first year of college. With a foot in the door, she has grown into a Skills Training Instructor, teaching live to over 200 people in 2015 and many more online worldwide. As a Faculty member in Boeing’s Structures University, she provides valuable advice in her teachings and at 31, she works part-time wherever and whenever she wants in what some call a “layoff-proof” position. She influences hundreds of people around the world, vacations with family frequently, and stands as an authority in her field. Jolene wants to share her experiences, training and analytical skills with the masses, to help them apply a career strategy that best suits their purpose.

Professional Help in Many Areas

An expert in the field of career strategy, she is here to end all sorts of dilemmas concerning career choices.  She helps in pinpointing the college major, industry or company, which best suits one’s profile. Useful skills such as using a Master Personal Portfolio and molding a work environment can be learned from her. A client, Joseph H, found this very useful. He says “The instructor was very knowledgeable on [the subject] and provided clear explanation of its uses. Good hands on examples were provided to help me learn.”

By the time she is done with them, her students have an edge over their peers, enabling them to bag their dream job. Her classes are not one of those long boring lectures. “The instructor was exceptionally knowledgeable, and kept the lesson on track. The class had a great balance between instruction and activities”, says Ryan H, one of her students.

Not Always an A Student

Jolene is here to break the myth that good grades are all that is required for a successful career. Her final Grade Point Average of 2.87 was well below the 3.00 mark of Boeing. However, the impression she made during her internship there was strong enough for them to make an exception in her case.

Her teachings are well known, and she even spent time speaking with George Ross, Boardroom Advisor in The Apprentice, twice in the past three months. She’s also met with Real Estate Investor and TV Star Vanilla Ice and the World’s #1 Wealth Coach JT Foxx.

2015 Accomplishments

An accomplished coach, Jolene Hey has been quite busy in 2015. Some of her accomplishments include:

  • Teaching six live technical courses and eight live skills courses with participants in the civil, mechanical, and aerospace fields.
  • Creating and managing 39 individual tasks for New Hires leading to course updates, new “Lunch and Learn” seminars, and creating process templates and documentation.
  • Coordinating four and presenting three Lunch and Learn sessions.
  • Arranging factory tours, demonstrations, and discussions with subject matter experts to help New Hires learn about their employer and its products and employees.
  • Answering an average of four user questions per week and coordinating three technical software releases.
  • Providing leadership, guidance, and technical assistance to 10 New Hires.
  • Coaching 14 New Hires facing a skills assessment and potential layoff.
  • Coaching new engineers to improve their skills and communicate with higher level workers, so they could understand complicated problems.

Jolene Hey has been a teacher, coach, and mentor to over 250 people during the past year.

Her student Amir B. says, “It was a pleasure working with you as well. I really want to express my gratitude for taking a lot of time out of your day to advise us and help us out. You are a great mentor, teacher, and most of all a better person.”

For more information about Jolene, her experience and her upcoming book, one can visit

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