Is Your Dog a Jedi Warrior?

“Jedi Dogs – Dog Training Mobile”
Over the holiday season some of our dogs have received more attention than normal. During this time many have honed their Jedi skills. Our dogs will increase their Jedi Skills and use The Force more often as they get older. How can we make sure they don’t go to the dark side?

The Force of the Jedi is very powerful and it’s everywhere! The Force even exists in your dog. In fact, I’ll bet you Wupiupi to dog biscuits that your dog uses The Force on you every day! How do you know if your dog uses The Force on you? 

Well, imagine sitting in the kitchen over a cup of coffee and your dog is staring at you. She stares at you, then looks at the door, then she looks at you again. Then – as if by Living Force – you find yourself getting up and walking to the door to let her out.

YIKES! You’ve just been a victim of the CANINE FORCE! Your dog is a furry Jedi! 

Your dog uses The Force when it’s time to eat or snag a treat. He looks at you, he swipes his paw, then you say (robotically), Do you want a treat? And magically, your dog wags his tail and you hand over the treat. Wow!

Wow? Really? Every time you respond to your dog’s body language, you awaken “The Force” of inverting the dynamic of just WHO is the leader of your household.

Now, this behavior is not a problem with every dog. However, in some dogs, it can develop into dominant behavior, which can then become a bigger problem if it begins to escalate. For example, if you don’t do your dog’s bidding as quickly as she wants you to, she may begin to bark, or she may paw at you, or jump up on you. Then she moves in to take over the bed…!!

Uh-oh! So now, anytime you give in, you’re actually rewarding her behavior of saying “I want!” She is now using the CANINE FORCE to train YOU. 

Always giving into your dog’s Force creates a disturbance in The Household Force, which in turn creates an imbalance in the pack. This is not to say that you shouldn’t open the door when your dog really needs to go out to potty. But you do need to be aware of who is training whom.

Achieving a balanced relationship with your dog is about teaching the dog what you like and want as the leader, and then working toward achieving that dynamic in a way that motivates the dog to want to please you, and yet not fear you. 

Is your dog making all the decisions? Then it may be time for you to reign in “The Force” and rebalance your pack. Your dog wants and needs YOU to show leadership. Learn to motivate your dog and build on your bond and overall relationship. 

Don’t let your dog go to “the Dark Side”! Learn how to keep your pack in balance and stay on the right side! Call The Dog Training Mobile today for help. “We Teach Leadership Without Force”. 

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Tucson, AZ based  Dog Training Mobile – goes to the clients house to help resolve unwanted behaviour issues. The owner of Dog Training Mobile Gerard Raneri started dog training over 25 years ago. His experience ranges from dog aggression to puppy training. Gerard says gaining control of our dogs unwanted behavior inside the home  is the first step. It also makes  the dogs and human training move along much faster. Of course we venture outside to parks and around your normal walking area. Gerard’s methods are science based and from over 25 years of hands one experience.“Rest assured I never use painful or fear based methods, heavy handedness or expensive gimmick. We teach how to build on your relationship so your dog wants to please you” “It’s all about working within your dogs temperament.” 

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