It’s time to fight back!

From the small indie company in Atlanta, Georgia, Mad Labyrinth Studios, comes a counter tower defense, TREE HUGGER.

The small team recently hit Kickstarter to raise awareness for the game and gather funding and support for their game, TREE HUGGER.  For those who love Tower Defense games or strategy games, or just want to join the fight against corrupt kings, come out and support them.

The game creators wanted to take what people tend to dislike about Tower Defense games and fix it.  The number one complaint they found in polling and surveys was that, in the typical tower defense, the player didn’t like that you had nothing to do but sit back for large periods of time. TREE HUGGER‘s intention is to make you immerse yourself into the game and really have something that you can be doing at all times, if you want to. 

The game itself really revolves around strategy, but the creators didn’t want it to only be beatable one way, so  they’ve implemented all sorts of systems to let you play the way you want to, while still leaving the game a fun challenge.  

The kickstarter campaign will feature vast information about the game as well as videos, screenshots, and sneak peeks. The game is planned to be released on STEAM at a $20 price point in Quarter 2 of next year (2016). 

About the Game:

TREE HUGGER is a Counter-Style Tower Defense game where you command troops instead of building the towers. You gather resources and build up your base to send waves of forest creatures to destroy the towers your enemies have built. 

You are a powerful Druid, Caedmon Mariadec, who is fed up with the medieval Kings taking over and destroying your lands. Fight and get your land back from these corrupted kings! Cast spells, recruit mercenaries, explore different biomes, find hidden objects, push your luck at the wishing well, but most of all, destroy towers and kings with your own armies! 

You’ll be able to collect resources, build bases, choose your troops, destroy towers, casts many spells, level up, upgrade your troops, and so much more in TREE HUGGER. 

Take back your lands from the Kings. How much can you recover?

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux (at release).  After release depending on demand we’ll be looking into getting the game onto tablets or console devices.

Single or Multiplayer?: At release the game will be a single player game.  If all goes well with the release, we’re planning on also releasing a multiplayer version as free downloadable content in the future.

Gameplay: At least 30 hours of gameplay.

Recommended Ages: 10+

Planned Release Date: April 22, 2016 (Up to July 30,2016)

MadLabyrinth Studios Website:

Videos and Screenshots can be found here:

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The kickstarter contains much more in-depth information about the game itself.


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