Starflowers Products Releases New Glass Wine Stopper Set For Wine Lovers

Dec 28, 2015 – A brand new product in the range of kitchen and dining for wine lovers, named Glass Wine Stopper Set, has been launched by Starflowers Products LLC, a family owned company from Delaware. It was released under their premium brand Vinum Meum that is Starflowers Products’ product line intended for everyone with wine passion. Starflowers Products corporation is attempting to give wine drinkers the possibility to keep their wine fresh without any impact on taste or bouquet. Starflowers Products is actually bringing this unique product of excellent quality to the Amazon store in these days.

These glass wine bottle stoppers come in set of 4 pieces. Wine closures are made from pure Bohemian Crystal. Bohemian Crystal glass is 100% technically stable and inert to the content. Construction is sturdy and repeatedly reusable.

Glass Wine Stoppers can not only be used for preserving wine. They also can be used for sealing bottles with milk, vinegar or olive oil. “They are suitable for all stable liquids and thanks to its construction bottles that are sealed properly can be stored on their side. This saves you a lot of space in the fridge,” states spokesperson from Starflowers Products LLC.

These Glass Wine Bottle Stoppers are available in a special green packaging and the stoppers are available in black and clear version. This set contains 4 pieces – 2 sizes of wine stoppers and might be useful when you are holding a wine tasting party and have a few bottles that should be stored, or you’re a wine newbie who enjoys one glass at a time.

Vinum Meum is a private label brand of Starflowers Products. They have currently newly designed their corporate identity and publicized their logo. In addition to that identity relaunch they made a decision to provide their new product Glass Wine Stoppers also to on-line customers. “We considered it is essential to make an action towards the on-line business, what provides us the chance to offer the wine tasting adventures even to more buyers,” CEO of Starflowers Products LLC comments.

The actual on-line product launch of this Glass Wine Bottle Stopper Set finally made it to, where passionate wine fans can acquire it online.

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