New Alpaca Lined Field Coat from Woop!Wear Offers Unmatched Quality for Even the Harshest Conditions

Woop!Wear has long been considered one of the garment industry’s most trusted manufacturers, whose designs have eclipsed those of their competitors for craftsmanship, durability, and performance. The line of alpaca clothing including pants, button-ups, and undergarments have been the top choices for outdoorsmen and savvy consumers who recognize superior quality. The latest addition to this select line is the Alpaca Lined Field Coat which is expertly crafted to offer premier warmth and water resistance for years to come.

The Alpaca Lined Field Coat from Woop!Wear is manufactured with a full lining of 100 percent baby alpaca wool on a 8 oz  waxed British Millerain cotton exterior which is water repellant. In addition to four interior cargo pockets, the hood is fully lined and detachable. The design is rugged enough for the outdoors as well as stylish enough for a jaunt in the city.  The Alpaca Lined Field Coat is available in styles for men and women.

Woop!Wear has already designed the Alpaca Lined Field Coat but requires an additional $35,000 to put it into full production. The company has entered into a partnership with a reputable manufacturer, but if the stretch goal of $70,000 is reached, additional colors for the Alpaca Lined Field Coat may become available.  In order to raise the necessary seed money, Woop!Wear has sponsored a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.  Supporters who make a financial contribution may receive rewards like alpaca wool hats, tote bags, and Alpaca Lined Field Coats.  To learn more about Woop!Wear or the Alpaca Lined Field Coat, please visit

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