The Most Talked About Cyclist Accessory Balight Help Bike Riders Pimp Up Their Ride

A new product has been brought to the market that helps bike riders bring life to their ride. The Balight can make road safety fun by adding colorful images to the wheel for all road users to see. The lights are high resolution and are double sided. Through a clever app, many different images can be transferred onto the wheels and make them the envy of other road users.

Pimp My Ride was a TV show produced by MTV and hosted by rapper Xzibit where car owners had their vehicles transformed into a magical machines. The days of Pimp Up My Ride may be over, but now, The Balight team has brought the excitement of Pimp Up My Ride back but this time for push bike owners.

For many years vehicle owners have been able to put neon lights under their car, these lights helped transform their vehicles and make them the envy of other car owners. Now, bicycle transportation will have a similar opportunity to show their own personal flair thanks to Balight.

Balight is the brainchild of Leo Liu, an avid cyclist living in Shenzhen.  He saw an opportunity to take recent gadgets and technologies and incorporate them for the best of both worlds: safety and personalization.

“I have long seen all of the apps for cycling and thought that much of that should be on the cycle itself rather than on a phone or watch.  This way, there would be no question about the app working or having to stop and check distances and time.  The Balight does everything for the cyclist,” said Beck Hu, spokesperson for Balight.

Cyclists know weight is the bane of everything, and there continues to be huge strides in technology, and the Balight’s simplistic design means keeping with the same concepts.

The simplicity of the design also means there is no complicated mounting process or tools to start enjoying the Balight.  The Balight clips onto the wheel, and the rider is ready to go in a matter of minutes.

The Balight has 376 ultrabright and long-lasting LEDS that are matched to the app.  This allows users to mix and match a variety of pictures, animations and colors.  This makes the cyclist and the bicycle stand out in a crowd while providing a larger degree of safety previously unheard of.

Users can pick from a set of pre-installed icons and gifs, download additional ones from cloud or create their own for a personalized touch.  All of the images can be quickly and easily changed with a touch of the Bling Jet control with Balight App.


Cyclists are social, and the Balight has several apps for cyclists to track routes, meet up and share on social media.  Included are an event planner, GPS and social engagement app so cyclists can meet up, ride or share routes.

Each Balight purchase comes with everything a cyclist needs to get started enjoying their Balight.  Included are:

• One or two wheel pack in one of four colors: yellow, green, red or black.

• The Balight customizable app on Android or iPhone.

• User manual and installation video.

• One year of technical support and warranty.

The balight crowdfunding campaign ended successfully on Indiegogo, so interested cyclists who want to pimp up their ride need to visit the website for details.

About The Balight team

The Balight team is located in Shenzhen, China. Currently, they have 15 members. There first product is an intelligent wheel display device for bicyclers, called Balight.

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