Small Business Loans Get Approved In 3 Days Using New Online Lending Platform is a rapidly growing online lending conduit platform connecting small business owners with alternative funding resources. The BizCapRX online system is a free, no-obligation online tool for business owners throughout the USA.

New Brunswick, NJ – One of the huge problems facing small business owners today is the limited access to working capital sources. As has been well documented, banks have been increasingly reluctant to lend to business owners over the past number of years since the financial system crisis of 2007/2008. But over the past few years, a number of online lending platforms have been appearing to fill the gap left wide open by the banks. One popular online lending conduit is, a free no-obligation service connecting small businesses owners with lenders.

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The BizCapRX online lending platform is especially popular for its flexibility and speed. The system accommodates funding resources for over 750 industries from retailers to dentists to auto repair and even business categories that banks were reluctant to fund even before the 2008 banking crisis such as restaurants and bars. The system is an especially popular funding conduit for small businesses small business across the United States including restaurants.

Gone are the days when the local bank is the easy answer to small business funding. Just as retailing is moving massively online, and stock trading and many other industries, it seems a progression natural that business lending would find its home online, too. Many online lending firms are processing billions of dollars of loans per year, while many banks are doing very little.

For affiliate marketers and referral partners, BizCapRX offers a popular business loans affiliate program, which is a unique high-paying affiliate program experiencing rapid growth. The program is popular with both affiliate marketers as well as professional referral partners like accountants and lawyers. More information can be found on the company website. The BizCapRX affiliate marketing offering offers multiple ways for marketing professionals and referral agents to generate commissions.

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About is an online small business loan conduit platform connecting small business owners with lenders. serves small business owners from all 50 states in over 750 industries and is based in New Brunswick, NJ.

Disclaimer/Disclosure provides an online small business finance referral-marketing platform affiliated with one or more specialty online alternative financing companies. These companies, and not, provide funding to businesses in the form of traditional small business loans, working capital loans, unsecured loans, revenue based loans, factoring as well as other alternative forms of financing as determined and offered by these 3rd party financing companies. is not a lender or funder and does not make credit decisions or funding decisions, does not interact with clients, and functions strictly as a marketing referral agent for 3rd party funding companies. 

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