Verse Universe – A Collection of Poems by Sumeet Mazumdar Released Worldwide

“Verse Universe – A Collection of Poems by Sumeet Mazumdar published by White Falcon Publishing”
Verse Universe – A Collection of Poems by Sumeet Mazumdar published by White Falcon Publishing was released worldwide on major online distribution channels including Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm, ShopClues and WFP Store.

Verse Universe – A Collection of Poems by Sumeet Mazumdar, is his modest effort to touch the hearts of people through poetry. This compilation of poems was recently published by White Falcon Publishing and is available on all major online channels, both in India and abroad. 

The poet, Sumeet Mazumdar, was born in Shillong, a place of boundless beauty tucked away in the North East corner of India. When he grew up there, the town had many walkers on the pavements and just a few motorised vehicles on its winding streets. He inherited his love for the English language from his father, who was a voracious reader. 

Presently Sumeet Mazumdar works in Delhi and lives there with his wife Barnali, daughter Shalini and a family of five canine friends and a feline friend. Verse Universe is his first foray into writing.

As a child, the poet was exposed to the flavours and nuances of literature, as there used to be many lively discussions in the household on lofty literary topics, thanks to his parents, uncles and aunts and later his elder siblings. Poems of Tagore were regularly read aloud to him as an entertainment to keep him under reins, as he was awfully naughty and destructive as a child. Sharat Chandra’s stories were also read aloud and these sessions kept him mesmerised for hours at an end. As a consequence, at the tender age of five he was already scribbling his first poems! In this he received unstinted encouragement from every member of his family, especially his mother, who would make a big deal out of anything that he wrote! 

Much later in life, he took to writing as a serious hobby and most of his poems were conceived at the spur of the moment and later  refined over a length of time. His profession brings him face to face with people from many walks of life and all these people contribute immensely to provide him topics and ideas to base his writings upon. Though his education in mechanical engineering and his profession life of thirty plus years in allied fields would outwardly appear to be contradictory to his passion for poetry, yet he has always felt that the natural blending of these diversities gives him a much wider canvas to work on. His inspirations are his family, his pets, his friends and all the people who interact with him regularly and enrich his life (not necessarily in the same order, though!). He avers that his writings are the expression of the world around him whereas he himself is just the medium.

In this book, Verse Universe – A Collection of Poems, the reader would find poems on a variety of topics ranging from praying to writing to walking to smiling, from childhood to ageing, human qualities and some delicate aspects of human relationships. There is also a section where the poet tries to bring absurd ideas within the realm of  normal comprehension! These poems are a reflection of the poet’s mind and the articulation of the poet’s universe through verse.

While reading the book, one would encounter various moods of the poet – satirical, hilarious, thought-provoking or just laid-back and leisurely, and they serve to bring new insights in a simple and lively manner. These qualities in the poems and the breadth of the topics make the book unique and fun to read. The poet has taken due care of elaborating certain local terms used in the book to cater to the international readers. A few pictures and  sketches have been incorporated to introduce certain characters and situations depicted in some of the poems for the benefit of the readers.

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