SEI Club, The World’s Most Exclusive Club Provides Matchmaking and Dating Services to the Elite

Private members club provides matchmaking and dating services for the successful and beautiful elite.

LOS ANGELES, CA – Dec 29, 2015 – With a rigorous application process and an acceptance rate of less than 35 percent, SEI Club is the world’s most exclusive dating club.

The service, which counts Forbes billionaires, entrepreneurs, CEOs, elite professionals, nobility, hedge fund managers, models and celebrities among its satisfied members, connects financially independent, successful gentlemen and women with people who they truly want to date, saving members from the time consuming and often unrewarding process of meeting unsuitable matches.

“We serve the most professionally, intellectually, and financially influential social circles in the entire world,” an SEI Club spokesman said. “Our members are accustomed to excellence, and that includes their love lives. Many of them are too busy for the mass online dating scene. We screen every applicant and weed out unsuitable matches so our members don’t have to waste their time doing so.”

Every applicant goes through a personal screening process where they meet with a member of the SEI Club executive team. That meeting includes getting an understanding of the applicant’s dating preferences, as well as their outlook, morals, ethics and general values that guide their lives, a spokesperson for the service said.

“We want to be sure that all of our members are able to find a compatible romantic partner,” the SEI Club spokesperson said. “We meet with all membership applicants and determine if they follow the Golden Rule – do they treat others as they want to be treated. This helps when we’re putting our members into relationships with each other. We want to make certain that every member is capable of being in a fulfilling relationship, and that all of our members aren’t just successful, but that they’re good people as well.”

The screening establishes an applicant’s dating and relationship preference, sophistication, education level, life achievements, financial success and other important lifestyle criteria.

“Our female members are gorgeous, accomplished, warm, kind and feminine, and our gentleman members are successful, attractive and a complete and total success in every way,” the SEI Club spokesperson said. “They are established, attractive gentlemen and women who give their best in all they do and only wish to receive the best in return.”

After a member has been accepted, the executive team develops a portfolio of matches designed to align with the member’s romantic and dating preferences.

SEI Club’s selectiveness pays dividends for its members, who say the value in their membership comes from finding high quality romantic partners, many of which lead to long-term relationships or even marriage.  SEI Club reviews share loads of success stories of men and women who found what they were looking for through their membership.

One member shared his story of meeting a partner and then having a child with her. “Emma and I met through SEI Club about a year ago and now we have a beautiful daughter,” he wrote. “As I held my baby in my hands, my world came to life in a new way. The continuous support of SEI Club and its team members meant the world to us.”

Some matches lead not only to romantic partnerships, but to something additionally valuable. Because members who are matched share interests and values, those matches can lead to networking opportunities that create new personal and business opportunities. Still, some people join to simply date and meet high quality people. SEI Club reviews mention that one gentleman was simply interested in dating and meeting quality women after his divorce, and as he continues to date, his experience continues to be exactly what he wanted.

A club spokesperson said stories like that happen because the team members really get to know members before offering a single match. For this reason SEI Club reviews share overwhelming membership satisfaction.

“That personalization allows us to make sure that every match we offer has the potential to become something really extraordinary, maybe even a lifelong relationship.”

In addition to introducing members to one another, the site handles making arrangements for dates, as well, relieving the pressure of handling those details and freeing them to truly enjoy the experience. Each date is followed up on by the site’s membership team, as well, to ensure satisfaction from both parties.

In all, less than 35 percent of applicants are accepted. SEI Club Membership fees for the service start at $1,200 for a basic entry level membership and go as high as $300,000 for an unlimited private membership. The club also recently started offering what it calls the Million Dollar Membership, which gives a member access to unlimited matches for an unlimited time period.

The high prices help to ensure the club’s membership remains affluent, and also that only those dedicated to finding a sophisticated, successful match become members. To further ensure its members are sincerely looking to date or form romantic relationships, only single men and women are accepted.

For SEI Club’s members, traditional dating can be a fraught experience. Many are high-profile figures and want to protect their privacy. Others find it difficult to find the time to meet people and go on dates. All of them are afraid of wasting precious time on subpar dates that go nowhere.

“For successful people with a lot to offer, SEI Club is an ideal dating venue – they can meet like-minded singles that fit their dating preferences,” a club spokesperson said. “We protect their privacy, save them time, and weed out the unsuitable candidates so they don’t have to.”

All of the work the club does goes toward a larger mission – making the world better by bringing peace and beauty to its members.

“Our greater mission is to make life more peaceful, beautiful, balanced, and meaningful,” a club spokesperson said. “Our members are successful, driven and ambitious, and we know how valuable it is for them to have a supportive, respectful, happy partner as part of their life. A thriving relationship enables people to be more happy, feel supported, and thus function at an even higher level in their daily lives…plus it makes for a more positive, balanced outlook on life.”

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