Green Country Razors Launches Kickstarter Campaign To Fund The Groundbreaking GCR Flash Suppressor DE Razor

“Green Country Razors DE Flash Suppressor Razor Kit.”
Green Country Razors (GCR) launches Kickstarter campaign for their unique product GCR Flash Suppressor DE Razor

Green Country Razors is a company that is committed to providing customers a wholly different shaving experience and is investing heavily in the research and development of innovative shaving product designs. To fund their ambitious endeavor, the company is launching a Kickstarter campaign. The product for which this campaign is being launched is the powerful and groundbreaking GCR Flash Suppressor DE Razor. The product is being developed in Green Country, Eastern Oklahoma.

We are starting a new Kickstarter campaign for our brand new product; the GCR Flash Suppressor DE Razor says the spokesperson for Green Country Razors. “The product is being developed in Okmulgee, Oklahoma. Our brand new razor reflects the spirit of the outdoors. We are also offering three levels of rewards program for our customers.”

Green Country Razors is aiming to introduce a different, more comfortable approach to shaving by creating shaving products that are way above the conventional and ordinary. The GCR Flash Suppressor DE Razor is different in many ways from the razors and brushes available on the market for shaving needs. The razor handle has been fashioned after a rifle flash suppressor and the shaving brush handle after the knob on a rifle bolt handle.

According to the company spokesperson, the DE razor head is a closed comb razor head. The shaving brush top is made of badger hair, considered the most ideal material for use in a shaving brush because of its natural ability to absorb water rapidly.

The products that the company is launching include the GCR Flash Suppressor DE Razor and the GCR Flash Suppressor DE Razor Kit. This kit consists of the razor, brush and a unique, convenient to use stand. The rewards program announced by the company has three levels. These are the GCR long sleeve shirt, GCR Flash Suppressor DE Razor and the GCR Flash Suppressor DE Razor Kit.

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About Green Country Razors:

Green Country Razors is a newly launched men’s grooming company located in Okmulgee, Oklahoma. The company specializes in development and launch of unique men’s shaving razors, shaving brushes and other grooming items that are guaranteed to deliver a wonderful shaving experience to the users. The company is taking the Kickstarter campaign route to fund the project and spread awareness about their powerful products among their targeted market. 

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