SolarTurf Provides a Solution for the Liabilities of Landfill Closure and Solar Energy featured on Worldwide Business with kathy ireland

Worldwide Business with kathy ireland presents an exclusive interview with Greg Lucini, CEO of ISM Solar Solutions, and Mike Ayers, CEO of Watershed GEO.
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Los Angeles, CA – December 29, 2015 – SolarTurf™, a unique, all-in-one solution for clean energy generation and landfill closure, is a featured company segment on Worldwide Business with kathy ireland. SolarTurf™ helps communities and site owners turn environmental liabilities, like landfills and brownfields, into revenue generating assets.  The system consists of ballasted solar arrays mounted on ClosureTurf®, the industry’s leading Subtitle D landfill closure system. It is offered through an exclusive partnership between ISM Solar, a national developer with industry-leading expertise in solar project management, and Watershed Geo, an innovative environmental and civil technologies company.

During the segment, Kathy Ireland interviewed Greg Lucini, CEO of ISM Solar Solutions, and Mike Ayers, CEO of Watershed Geo.

Greg Lucini explains why it is not ideal to take a green space and re-purpose it for green energy by saying, “Solar is growing very rapidly in the United States and around the world. Every time a solar array is built, we are talking utility scale, thousands if not tens of thousands of solar panels covering many, many acres.  The animals that live there, the plants, the vegetation, and the water management is forever changed. With the amount of development that is taking place, there has to be a better way to do it. It is really not sustainable the way we would like it to be.” SolarTurf™ eliminates the destruction of viable habitat by reclaiming environmentally degraded land for zero-impact, sustainable energy production.

Beyond clean energy generation, SolarTurf™ solves many of the environmental issues associated with traditional landfill closures. Mike Ayers explains the benefits of SolarTurf’s closure foundation, “It is a patented system (comprised of a structured geomembrane, an engineered turf, and a specialized sand infill) that helps reduce the liquids that get into the landfill, control the gas that comes out of the landfill, and produce an environment that is very clean and stable for solar.” A virtually maintenance free technology designed to last, SolarTurf™ has proven to be the most sustainable closure option, providing unmatched economic and environmental advantages for waste closure sites.

Learn more about SolarTurf™ on the upcoming segment of Worldwide Business with kathy ireland. There will also be a look into the company and their process.

The Vice President of Programming, JL Haber, was quoted stating, “With technology focusing on solar energy, it is important to look at the potentially negative outcomes. SolarTurf is doing that and making a difference in the environment so solar energy is worth the work.”

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ISM Group

ISM Solar, the renewable energy division of the ISM Group, specializes in solar site development services. Founded in 1987, the ISM Group represents a consortium of companies that offer sourcing and technology solutions for some of the most well-known and respected companies in the electronics and renewable energy industries.  ISM offers a smarter, more cost-effective path to quality products by providing industry-leading expertise in engineering, project management, quality assurance, and supply chain management.

ISM Solar is the exclusive developer of SolarTurf®. This all-in-one system is comprised of ballasted solar arrays mounted on ClosureTurf®, an EPA, Subtitle D Compliant landfill closure solution. SolarTurf® turns environmental liabilities into clean energy with zero negative impact.

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Watershed Geo

Based in Alpharetta, GA, Watershed Geo is an innovative environmental and civil technologies company created by geotechnical engineers and hydrologists that specialize in geosynthetic products that solve earth’s greatest challenges with solutions that reduce risks, require virtually no maintenance and stand the test of time. Watershed Geo’s portfolio of products include: ClosureTurf® for municipal and industrial landfill closures and coal combustion residual landfill/impoundment closures, HydroTurf® for high hydraulic shear protections – Earth Revetment, VersaCap® for odor prevention, emission control, and leachate reduction, and TerraArmor™ Wall for earth wall and slope protection and rehabilitation.

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