WIRECUTTER, The Best USB Battery Pack For Commuters Is From EasyAcc

One week ago, an article from the WIRECUTTER offers four USB battery packs as the best choices. EasyAcc 6000mAh Ultra Slim Power Bank tops the buying list for it’s the best choice for the commuters.

Till the end of the year, there must be a plethora of different stylish battery packs. Aiming to find the best USB battery pack for whatever device you need to keep charged when you can’t get to an AC outlet, WIRECUTTER spent almost one day to figure out a best battery analysis finally. They got the conclusion that, if you need something with more juice that can completely refill a phone after a busy day, just to get an EasyAcc 6000mAh Ultra slim Power Bank.

Best choice for the commuters

A plenty of people are always away from an outlet just because they are busying on the way or they’re really lack of outlets, of course, there are some who forget to charge their phones. Here, the EasyAcc 6000mAh Ultra slim Power Bank wins the best among the same category featuring plus and integrated micro-USB cable and high-speed port.

Three tips need to be noticed for shopping for USB battery packs are: which device or devices you need to charge, how many times you need to charge them, and how much bulk and weight you can tolerate while carrying around. This EasyAcc 6000mAh Power Bank is featured with the Smart technology, which means this Power Bank can provide your device the perfect amount of power up to 2.4A while automatically detects the type of device. In brief, both iPhone and Android phones will be very compatible with this 6000mAh Power Bank. And the 6000mAh high capacity is enough to provide an iPhone 6 2.3 times full charge or 1.5 times for a Galaxy S6. It’s quite appropriate to be a power emergency savior except you have really a long trip. Especially, it offers your device one or two times charge and that it’s only 4.06 oz to be looked like a card so that it’s extremely portable.

The WIRECUTTER gathered information on more than 160 models from manufacturers’ sites, user and editorial reviews, and retail stores. Some contenders were popular on Amazon, while others came from reputable brands they’ve liked in the past. As they recommended, EasyAcc 6000mAh Power Bank wins more than hundreds of orders, you can also get one here.

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