Walbum app provides a social platform to share local happenings

The newly launched mobile application, ‘Walbum’provides a social platform to the users to share the local events and happenings of their area and tags them on the app according to the location. The app is not only meant for sharing but also very useful to the explorers and tourists who wish to discover more about the town or city. They’ll be able to see the pictures, content and events shared by the locals and get to know more about the place.

Walbum can be used to share pictures and video clips of the moments happening around the world. The geographical tagging allows the users to view events, pictures and other happenings of the area of their interest. The application acts as a social map for the users who wish to know more about a particular location.

The app also features integration with other social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter and tumblr. Through the edit options, the user can edit their photos or videos before posting. The user can also import music from their library to personalize the videos uploaded in the social map.

Walbum is developed by Anna and Caleb Campbell and since the time of its launch in September 2014, the app has gained popularity among the users and caught the interest of many investors. The developers received a seed funding of $30,000 which they utilized in mainstream development of the app. “One of the best I have used, I will love to have more app from this Developer,” says Play Store user Catherine Jepp.

Walbum allows their users to anonymously post pictures to be sited on the map and add comments to the already existing posts. To comment on a picture, the user can double tap on it. The users can also send the pictures directly and privately to a subscriber and start a conversation with the followers. The app also provides an option for the user to save the pictures off the map into their personal album along with the pictures location to access them later on.

On the app feed, the user can see the events and latest happenings around the other participants by pinpointing their exact location on the map. Moreover, the user will get to know about the things happening in their vicinity since the app provides feeds of other users within a mile and a half of radius.

The app shows a list of “people you may know” based on the users location, Facebook friends and phone contacts. Walbum follows a strict privacy policy and encourages its users to post only explicit and relevant pictures of the local communities around them.

The application is available for download at iTunes and Google Play.

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