BusinessWolf gains traction and attracts interest of investors within a year of its launch

BusinessWolf, the online media portal, continues to make its presence felt in the internet space. Little more than a year old BusinessWolf, has managed to gain high traction in the online media space, so much so that a group of investors have shown interest in funding its expansion. However Prashant thinks otherwise. “Investors more often than not tend to alter the dynamics of the business and with the enhance pressure to monetize, I believe the purpose with which BusinessWolf was formed would be frustrated,” says the 25 year old entrepreneur and a self proclaimed technology freak.

BusinessWolf does not intend to ape any news aggregator or new creator in the space but carve a niche for itself in the space of digital media. Unlike that of other websites, BW makes sure that a lot of thought and research goes into each of the articles published in any of the categories. BusinessWolf aims at capturing the quintessential crux behind any news it covers and explain the underlying cause through analytics, info-graphics, Illustrations and other more expressive & interactive features. 

Looking at the sorry state of affairs of the current Indian Media, Prashant started BusinessWolf in 2014 to give a vent to his flow of thoughts on topics such as Geo politics, Business Intelligence and Analysis. Offbeat topics such as “the origin of ISIS”, “Is China the next Superpower” have caught the attention of its audience and has earned many a patron. This has raised the bar of BusinessWolf significantly in the last few months. This excitement of BusinessWolf readers can be gauged from the metrics and traction that earned so far. Currently catering to the readership base of 20,000 daily average visitors and more than 40,000 daily page views, BusinessWolf is presently has added sections such as Business Strategy, Finance, Technology and Business Intelligence. If we closely watch the current scenario in the Indian media and especially the electronic & digital media scene then we would notice that today all the discussion that happens at peak, prime or non peak hours all veer around topics which are highly clichéd. The entire media focuses on Politics and even apolitical issues are coloured with politics. Apparently Delhi grabs the highest spotlight thanks to all the Political decisions that emanates from the region.

We hardly see any discussion on the topics related to Socio economic reforms with respect to rural & urban development as it is only religious & other such mass-emotion sensitizing issues that affect the day to day affairs of a normal citizen of India. Media covers news related hardly the actual science behind such news and the readers are made victim of this media overkill thanks to duplicity in the digital media where articles move fast and furious. BW intends to bridge this gaping space between the pieces of information and the deeply ingrained cause. 

However the long term term plan of BusinessWolf is to plug the dearth of good reports on topics namely, Geopolitics, Business Strategy, Health Intelligence, Legal Intelligence and getting all in one website is something rare. 

“BW doesn’t wish to be referred to as news disseminating portal. Instead BW positions itself out of the crowd with Reports in the unconventional areas such as, International Geopolitics, Legal and Health Intelligence,” Manasi Sharma, the passionate Editor of Businesswolf chips in.

Little more than a year old BusinessWolf has attracted talents, PHDs from centers of excellence such as JNU, DU and IITs in its editorial team who moderate the work of the ‘Ideators’ and ‘Innovators’ done in tandem with the wordsmiths – content writers who impeccably capture the ideas and insights generated out of intense debate that the Ideators and Innovators conduct. BusinessWolf also has Saturday discussion sessions where in Industry captains are invited to share their thoughts on the topics of their specialization.

If we are to believe the detailed analysis of the traffic statistics, BusinessWolf is a favourite of the corporate world with more than 50% of the readers coming via, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, StumpleUpon, Digg, Delicious and Diggo. BusinessWolf is referred to by the existing readers and this in itself endorses the quality of articles and reports of BusinessWolf.

BusinessWolf will find means and ways to connect with its audience through more innovative ways which will not only be engaging and interesting but also first of its kind in the space.

As the trend suggests globally, a number of firms are counting on the personalized content big time.  Some of the other international curated news providers such as Flipboard, Paper, Digg have gained a lot of attention in the recent past. 

Back in India, the online digital media space has seen quite a few innovations in the recent past. NewsHunt a Bangalore-based App based news provider has come up with regional daily reading facility on the mobile devices and has mopped up more than Rs 350 Cr of funding in a short span of 7 months in the years 2014 and 2015. Similarly another new app News in Shorts is primarily into providing new content in an abridged format with an objective of focusing on increasing its user base and content has raised more than Rs 150 Cr in a short span of time.

BusinessWolf shares the space with a similar interest and is primarily focusing on content, however there has been a huge base of contributors with paid and sponsored posts. Presently with a very nimble team, BusinessWolf is happy bootstrapping and financing its day to day affairs.

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