New Rideshare Competitor Dryvyng Enters Market To Face Off Against Uber And Lyft

The exponential growth of the rideshare service industry in the past couple of years has revolutionized and redefined car service business. A new startup: Dryvying has recently announced their entry to the rideshare market with an innovative business model. The new entrant will be facing competition from the most popular companies already doing well in the market. Dryvyng will aim to provide customers a fast, affordable ride as safely as possible to overcome competition.

The unique element about Dryvyng is that it is owned and operated by previous rideshare drivers, which can be a huge advantage in terms of the collective experience and knowledge of the service and business the drivers will bring with them. The company believes that this would be an invaluable intangible asset that will supplement their objective of providing superior service quality, product quality and efficiency. The rideshare service by Dryvyng is soon to be launched and according to the company’s research, the initial prospective customer’s response has been extremely positive and encouraging hinting that the company and its service is on the right path. According to the stats shared by Dryvyng over 80% of existing Uber and Lyft customers are willing to give Dryvyng services a try. Another positive trend shared by the company that hints at their success against Uber and Lyft is the 70% of drivers convert instantly when contacted about Dryvyng’s services.

With the growth of the rideshare market showing no signs of slowing, experts believe that new entrants will continue to make the rideshare service even better through innovation, which is the core pillar of Dryvyng’s business model to make it mark against the bigger more established companies.  On the other hand, rideshare customers are welcoming new companies to the market because they believe it will keep service prices and quality in check.

Dryvyng will let their customers and drivers negotiate the prices, the company believes that this will allow customers to close to their perceived value of the ride and service. Payment through cryptocurrency will also be possible.

The company is currently under the process of getting investors to come on board their innovative startup to support $1 billion in driver assets. The spokesperson for Dryvyng announced on the company’s Facebook and twitter page that the service is expected to launch soon.


Dryvyng is a rideshare company based in Phoenix, Arizona comparable to Uber or Lyft.

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