Force Change Reflects on Year’s Successes, Aims to Record Many More in 2016

Group’s activists at successfully demanded positive action on everything from wildlife conservation to human rights and wiser regulation of technology, Force Change reports.

Force Change announced the success of dozens of the group’s petitions and initiatives over the course of 2015. Covering everything from animal rights and environmentalism to successful struggles against institutionalized racism, police brutality, and the dehumanizing use of solitary confinement in prisons, Force Change members were able to push through positive change of many different kinds over the course of the year. With a wide range of important, well-supported petitions currently active on the site, Force Change representatives expect that users will compel even more positive change in 2016.

“It has been an amazing year here at Force Change, and we would like to take a moment to thank our many devoted, engaged users,” site representative James Lipton said, “We’ve tackled some of the world’s thorniest and most pressing problems head on and people in power have listened. Whether that means finding safe new homes for refugees fleeing the devastation of war or protecting defenseless wildlife, Force Change users have come together in 2015 in incredibly productive ways. We think 2016 is going to be an even more important year for us and our members and we vow to make Force Change an even more effective tool for those committed to making the world a better place.”

With inequality growing throughout much of the world and corporations and the wealthy increasingly wielding an out-sized influence on democratic governments, many people today find it easiest to succumb to apathy or pessimism. Force Change was founded to give those who care about issues like environmentalism, human rights, and social justice a more powerful and engaged option, with over half a million now receiving the group’s regular newsletters.

Throughout 2015, Force Change activists helped push through much-needed, positive change on a variety of important issues. With an average of four million pages served to visitors every month, the site at informed users about a wide range of the most pressing contemporary problems and gave them concrete means of pushing for change in the form of ready-made petitions.

As a result, dozens of significant successes were recorded over the course of the year. When Gambia became the latest of 19 African nations to ban female genital mutilation in November, for example, Force Change users were among those prominently demanding that the country take action. With politicians around the United States pandering to constituents who demanded the refusal of refuges from Syria and other war-torn places, Force Change activists fought back, winning a number of important battles.

With many more successes to note in 2015, as recorded in detail at the Force Change website, the group’s leaders commit to being even more active and involved in the coming year. As one of the most influential and fastest-growing sites for those who care about progressive causes and other issues, Force Change will be even more effective in 2016.

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Leveraging the power of petitions to demand positive, targeted action from those in power, Force Change reaches an audience of over half a million engaged, concerned activists.

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