Paws Jaws, LLC Introduces Paws Jawz to Make PAWZ® Rubber Dog Boots Easier to Use

PAWLEYS ISLAND, SC – Dec 29, 2015 – Paws Jaws LLC, announces Paws Jawz – a tool that makes putting PAWZ® Dog Boots, north America’s top selling protective dog boot, onto dogs’ paws very easy. 

Josh Ricker invented Paws Jawz during the winter of 2013 while living in Toronto.  His family was away and he was tasked with walking the family pup.  He struggled getting the rubber boots onto his dog, and came up with a solution.  It was introduced to the market in May of 2014, and is committed to supporting the more than 500,000 PAWZ® Dog Boot users in the U.S. and Canada.  The boots are fantastic, but can be difficult to put on.  For those who walk their dogs multiple times a day in inclement weather, Paws Jawz has taken “puppy prep time” from stressful to effortless and has cut the time required to a fraction. 

Paws Jawz allows users to hold PAWZ® Dog Boots open with only one hand, allowing the free hand to guide the dog’s paw.  “The growth of our business relies on two fundamentals,” says Antonia Ricker, company co-founder and spokeswoman, “to encourage the use of protective foot wear for dogs in extreme weather conditions, and to support retailers’ efforts to encourage the use of PAWZ® Dog Boots by those who hesitate to try them because of actual or perceived difficulty.”

Paws Jawz currently works with distributors: Burgham Sales, Ltd. in Canada; Pet Palette in the U.S.; and Ranger Wholesale in Japan. More information can be found on the company’s website:

Hi-res art & images are available by contacting Josh Ricker.  Video showing product in use is available by clicking: VIDEO (6 sec delay to pull video up) or by going to:

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