Top 3 Things You Never Knew About Santa – From the Man Himself

Kids in the House interviewed Santa Claus to find out what it feels like to be the most famous man in the world.

Here are the top three insights into what it is like to be Santa:

1)  Being Santa Claus is Hard

When asked about how he became Santa Claus, Claus had this to say:  “How I got this job, I just don’t know. That’s what makes me a saint, I think, the fact that I do it every year.  Don’t forget, ho-ho-ho backwards is oh-oh-oh.”

2)  Kids Today are Greedier Than Ever

The gifts that kids ask for are becoming harder and harder to make. This makes Santa’s job more difficult.  “What’s wrong with the choo-choo? It used to be fine to bring a choo-choo,” Claus says.  “Now they expect more. And there’s iPad, and iPod and iWant and iWant.”

3)  Santa Loves Cookies but Hates Gluten-Free

One of the best things about being Santa Claus is pigging out on Christmas cookies!   Don’t skimp on Santa by providing healthier options, he will not appreciate it and it may affect what gift you get. 

“Ah, it’s gluten-free this and fat-free that and – these parents these days are ruining Christmas. Give me a big fat butter cookie and you’ll get a better gift,” Claus says.

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