SmartyPans Seeks To Revolutionize Nutrition Tracking of Home Cooked Meals

SUNNYVALE, CA – Dec 30, 2015 – SmartyPans is a smart cooking pan that tracks nutrition of food being cooked in real time and integrates with fitness apps and devices. A one of a kind, modern day cooking system that will revolutionize the way people understand the relationship between their diet and their health.

The SmartyPans app takes in voice command and as you add ingredients to the pan, you tell the app the ingredient you’re adding.  The pan has weight and temperature sensors that allows the app to compute the nutrition of food you cook.

“People underestimate their caloric intake by an average of 30%, which is one of the reasons, we don’t see results when following a diet and manually logging data into nutrition trackers.  We wanted to automate nutrition tracking of home cooked meals and set people free of the diet mindset.  Make cooking fun, social and an interactive experience,” said Prachi Baxi, CEO, SmartyPans.  Prachi with her MS in Clinical Nutrition has an extensive background in the field of nutrition working on the USDA Federal Meal Program,  as a Nutrition counselor and a fitness trainer.

She approached her brother, Rahul, a CMU grad, who built the technology from the ground up. “We think smartness is more about the utility than making the pan a connected device.  So, we made sure the pan is simple yet multi-faceted.  Just like a Swiss Knife!” said Rahul Baxi, describing the unique two layered design.

The top pan comes off.  It can be used as a serving bowl or an oven pan.  The entire pan is dishwasher safe and can be used as a regular kitchen scale.  When baking, use the pan as a kitchen scale, measure ingredients, lift the top pan and put it the oven!

This revolutionary pan comes with a price tag of $299 but will be available for pre-order at just $169.  The crowdfunding campaign goes live in January.  The team is presenting at CES 2016, check them out at booth # 80662 Eureka Park.

About SmartyPans

SmartyPans is a smart cooking pan that computes and track nutrition of home cooked meals in real time.  The team is a brother-sister duo who graduated from StartFast Venture Accelerator in Upstate New York.   They  raised their seed round from prominent angels in New York and Seattle and now are based in Sunnyvale, CA.  

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