Tarrytown, NY Digital & Search Marketing Firm Offers Affordable Pricing for Small Businesses in Westchester County – Finally

Sensible pricing for digital marketing in Westchester County, New York? It has finally arrived!

TARRYTOWN, NY – Dec 30, 2015 – Like many business and consumer services in Westchester, New York, digital marketing can be expensive. Many business owners think marketing is too pricey  – so they rely on word of mouth, a relative or old-fashioned, traditional marketing options. Finally a local firm, Optimize Digital, is here to help small businesses Get Found Online.

Optimize Digital offers successful, cost-effective, revenue-minded digital marketing solutions for busy small business owners in Westchester, New York. Many businesses are coming around to the concept of SEO, search engine marketing, Content Marketing and Website Optimization. Or maybe they receive countless emails from India or around the country from faceless marketers, pointing out problems with their websites or SEO. 

Optimize Digital is a LOCAL Tarrytown, NY business.  They have the experience and track record of success to help your business get found online. 

Why is there a need for affordable digital marketing services in Westchester? 

• Not all small businesses in places like Thornwood, Pleassantville, Tarrytown or Harrison can afford print or digital ad campaigns. At the same time business owners want to get found online, but don’t have the time to spend on search marketing that includes SEO, Website Optimization and Content Marketing. Many digital marketing consultants and SEO firms in Westchester are outside of most small business budgets as well, because they have high rents, high tech equipment and lots of overhead.

• Optimize Digital understands the time and budget constraints that small businesses deal with every day. Optimize operates with very low overhead or gimmicks – they just get things done for their clients creatively and effectively. Packages start as low as $150/month. 

What does a digital search marketing firm do for small businesses? 

Optimize helps businesses with search marketing, web design, content marketing and email marketing. The dilemma for small business owners is that they don’t have the time to spend writing blogs, posting on social media and promoting their products and services through email marketing online. Many business owners also don’t realize that their websites are not telling Google what they do, where they are and who they are (website optimization). 

It is important that business keep an eye on the ROI of all marketing efforts. For this reason, search marketing is a must for any small business. Ten monts of SEO and search marketing with Optimize Digital can cost the same as ONE print ad in the paper or an industry magazine!

• Optimize Digital helps businesses show up on the fist page of search results on Google and Bing through search marketing, SEM, SEO, SMO and Content Management.

• Optimize works with professional services like law firms, accounting firms and interior design firms.

• Optimize also works with retail stores, restaurants, hair salons and manufacturing companies.

• They offer a 90-day Search Results Improvement Guarantee. 

The Tarrytown, NY firm also specializes in mobile-responsive web design. Over 50% of all internet searches are now performed on mobile devices, so Optimize Digital recommends business owners test the mobile version of their websites to make sure they are mobile friendly for their customers. 

By understanding time and budget issues for small businesses, Optimize Digital leads the pack in affordable, extremely effective digital marketing solutions in Westchester County, NY. 

In order to get the best search results online, it is important for all businesses to proactively create original content in the form of blogs, article submissions and social media posts. Companies like Optimize Digital can take care of the high tech components of search marketing, like mobile web design and website meta data optimization. Outsourcing can also be necessary for the time consuming process of blogging, social media content management and published content cross-promotion that the search engines require.

The comparative advantage for Optimize Digital is two-fold:

1. Optimize is a local business that likes to meet clients face-to face, is always available for their clients and is known for longterm business relationships.

2. Optimize offers pricing that is budget friendly for small business who are working hard to get their brand in front of more eyes, and looking to Get Found Online. 

Optimize Digital’s Founder, Jesse Diamond, shares their comany mission:

“We’re known for being highly responsive to our clients needs and questions, communicative, personable, creative and very effective. Our mission is to to help our clients get found online by offering results-minded SEO and digital marketing solutions that increase revenues.”

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