Penguin Run Saga receives great reviews from the users

The game Penguin Run Saga was launched by Universal Games a few months back and since then it has constantly gained popularity among the users on Google Play. The gaming mobile app has received an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars and features many positive reviews from the users who have played the game.

“These penguins are so cute! I love how interesting and distressing this game is. Being playing this a lot before bedtime lately. I love how I can play it with kids around as it’s designed for all ages and they too, get addicted! Love the design and illustrations. Definitely one of the best designed and addictive apps I’ve ever seen (seen a lot),” said one of the Google Play users Karen Wen in her review.

The penguin based game has won the hearts of users worldwide and became the favorite gaming app of many which seems evident from the reviews. Another user Keisuke mentioned in his review “Loved it so much! Amazing game! The game is incredibly addictive and perfect for any age! The graphics are super smooth and nice, and the control is good. All my friends downloaded! A++”

The lead character of the game is a penguin and the game background is based in Antarctic. The little penguin needs to collect fish and the user can move the penguin by tapping and flapping. The game tests the user reflexes against time and movement, while the controls are easy to use.

For changing the flapping direction of the penguin, the user can tap the screen. They have to move the penguin forward while preventing it from snow balls and ice cones. The user needs to avoid the obstacles and collect the points, catch fish and unlock more number exciting colorful penguins along the way to gain a high score in global ranking.

With many levels to play and challenging tasks, Penguin Run Saga enters into the league of most addictive games and exciting racing games. While playing the game, the user will move the penguin through snowy mountains and snow-clad backgrounds. The simple controls make it user-friendly and convenient to play.

The game features high quality graphics, relaxing music and a smooth animation for a better gaming experience. The game can be optimized to tablets and also includes an option for social media sharing. Considering the huge response from the users, Penguin Run Saga is certainly moving forward in the club of best free games available online. The gaming mobile app is compatible with Android version 2.3.3. It is up and available for download at Google Play.

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