First Annual Empower U Women’s Wealth Summit Deemed A Success By Attendees

Atlanta, GA – This past weekend, the Global Oved Dei Seminary & University (GODSU) presented its very first annual Empower U Women’s Wealth Summit. The all-day conference was held at the Omni CN Hotel Conference Center in Atlanta, GA. There was an audience of about fifty attendees.

Notable speakers included:

H.E. Dr. Michael V Roberts, who wowed the audience with practical wealth building tools. He even held a “Shark Tank” like activity raising capital for GODSU through the GODSU African American Historical Bible.

Global Financial Doctor CEO, Diane Moore-Eubanks, who spoke of the highs and lows of being an entrepreneur and philanthropist, and how the nonprofit, Global Oved Dei Seminary & University (GODSU) is partnering with for-profit partners through GODSU Empower U Movement to teach the masses the techniques of using small investment to start entrepreneurial vehicles for wealth building.

Dr. Karmetria Dunham Burton, Delta Air Lines, sponsor and speaker, who spoke on the role of women in empowering other women to their full potential. She told the story of her rise from family business to being Director, Delta Air Lines and taught the audience how they could do business with her companies and other Fortune 100 Companies.

Sudan Eubanks, an 8 year old, introduced guests to a standing ovation. She also gave advice to other young girls on starting their businesses very young so they can develop better techniques over time. Sudan was invited by panelist, filmmaker, Rick Mathis of “Black Friday” to be in his upcoming film.

Attendees felt like they got much value from the conference.

Janice, a mother of three who just make the leap to entrepreneurship, traveled from Maryland down to Georgia for the conference. She said, “It was such an uplifting atmosphere. Having all those people, gathered in one place with the common goal of bettering themselves and their families and communities, it creates a kind of synergy. It was so inspiring. I came out of the conference with a much clearer vision and sense of what I needed to do to get to the next level. I’m confident that I’ll be able to build a legacy to leave for my children.”

“The information was practical, and there was so much actionable advice. There are living examples of what we’re all trying to achieve. It was great to be around so many people who share the same mindset. In just one day, I’ve experienced so much growth. I’ve made some new friends and met some influential people. I plan to come back next year and would definitely recommend it,” said Chloe, another attendee who is looking to expand her coaching business.

When The Right Honorable, HE Rev. Dr. Diane Moore-Eubanks JD OEA first conceived of this conference, her vision was to empower women with the tools and technique to expand their enterprises and take their business acumen to the next level, as well as to teach women how to further develop their businesses that will ultimately benefit their families and the community at large.

Plans for next year’s conference are already underway. The next Empower U Women’s Wealth Summit will be July 29 – August 1st in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. Also, a special conference for men called the GODSU Empower U Men’s Wealth, Health and Entrepreneurs Conference will be held February 19 – 21, 2016 at the Courtyard Fort Lauderdale in Miramar, Florida.

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