Syoptek International Launches All in One Fiber Optic Cleaning & Inspection Kit – FIP-800-D

Syoptek International Limited offers a range of Fiber Optic Tools and the new FIP-800-D is a complete fiber optic cleaning and inspection kit, which allows reducing the downtime of the fiber optical network.

The new FIP-800-D kit introduced by Syoptek International can prove a useful tool for cleaning and inspecting fiber optical network and avoid the downtime. The kit includes tools that can effectively be used for cleaning and probing connectors, adapters and end-face inspections. With lightweight, efficient and easy to use fiber optic cleaning supplies, the kit can be used for cleaning a wide variety of connector types and ports for an efficient functioning of a fiber cable network.

The company supplies Fiber Optic Tools that have a wide range of cleaning applications. These tools could be used for cleaning connectors on jumpers, adapter alignment sleeves and test equipment ports as well. In order to help maintain quality connections between fiber ports, the cleaning tools are very much required by the professionals responsible for the maintenance and service of the fiber networks. Syoptek International provides a variety of cleaning tools that are easy to carry and simple to operate to carry out a cleaning task.

Fiber Optic Tools

They also supply One Click Cleaner that is often used for troubleshooting of the optical fiber network, quickly and efficiently. The cleaner allows removing the contamination to avoid failure of the network. The ergonomic and comfortable design of the cleaner promotes a single action cleaning. The cleaner is often loved by the field technicians for its precise mechanical action that help delivers consistent cleaning results in an effortless manner. The cleaner can efficiently remove a variety of contaminants, including dust and oil.

For testing of a fiber network, Syoptek International offers advanced quality OTDR with enhanced 4.3 inch touchscreen. The device can be used for the testing of the fiber length, fiber loss, connector loss and several other physical characteristics of a network. It features a rugged, shock-proof and moisture-proof design for a great outdoor performance. Integrated with a visual fault locator, the device can easily locate the fiber bends and breaks.

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About Syoptek International Limited

Syoptek International Limited,established on June 8, 2005, is a high-tech company specialized in researching and manufacturing of fiber optic test equipment, fiber microscope, optical power meter, visual fault locator, OTDR, fusion splicer and fiber optic cleaning products.

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