Check-my-Temp: More Than A Wearable Thermometer

Brunswick, ME – Dec 30, 2015 – Check-my-Temp, the world’s most advanced thermometer, launched an Indiegogo campaign today in preparation for commercial production.  Featuring a wearable armband embedded with sensors, Check-my-Temp records temperature accurately and continuously and shares the data directly with an app installed on a smartphone or tablet. It’s the easiest and least invasive way to monitor body temperature (i.e. fever) in patients of all ages and sizes.

Check-my-Temp monitors temperature with clinical grade accuracy, plus tracks body movements to provide continuous patient updates. “What parent hasn’t wished for an easier way to check their child’s temperature, especially when that kid is in the middle of a much needed rest?” said Anthony Jaccarino, co-founder of Check-my-Temp. “Everyone who has ever cared for a sick child or elderly family member knows the fear that high temperatures bring. Check-my-Temp was developed so that caregivers of patients of all ages have the facts to make informed medical decisions at their fingertips wherever they are.”

As a wearable medical device, Check-my-Temp’s patent-pending Multi-Temp sensor technology records body temperature and movements accurately and continuously. Its embedded sensors collect more than 30 data points every 30 seconds providing a holistic look at the patient’s condition. The continuous monitoring features of Check-my-Temp can also assist with medical conditions like epilepsy or infections (i.e. sepsis) where early detection of abnormal rise in body temperature can be life-saving. Check-my-Temp also contains an accelerometer which tracks movements, so caregivers know if the patient is restless or has fallen out of bed.

Through an easy-to-use app, Check-my-Temp shares data directly with smartphones or other devices, allowing continuous monitoring from another room or location. Caregivers can then share the data with their doctors. The app also allows users to create or join local groups to share updates and receive local health alerts, a feature which Check-my-Temp will share with everyone to better enhance the health of the community.

The Check-my-Temp Indiegogo campaign kicked off today – Monday, November 30 and has a funding goal of $30,000, with 80% funded in the first 3 weeks. Contribution levels start at $1; contributors can choose whether they would like to simply assist in bringing this product to market or if they would like to be the first to receive Check-my-Temp when it’s manufactured. For example, the $100 option includes one Check-my-Temp device, plus an invite to a private event with the founders to learn more about the research and development process. The options represent a broad spectrum, leaving the door open for anyone to help finance this wearable thermometer.

Check-my-Temp is a rigorously tested medical device and part of the growing trend for wearables in healthcare. Development of Check-my-Temp began in October 2014 with an international team composed of medical professionals, start-up managers and product designers.  Clinical trials of Check-my-Temp are nearly complete and are expected to conclude in February 2016.  

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About Check-my-Temp

Check-my-Temp – the world’s most advanced thermometer – is Jeeva Healthcare’s first commercially available product. Jeeva Healthcare believes that with better technology and intelligent design we can help people live healthier lives everywhere. Using patent-pending multi-sensor technology, Check-my-Temp provides continuous and accurate monitoring of body temperature and position and more.  

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