Portable pocket fullHD SelfieCam

We would like to present you the most advanced cam on the present day. It is the smallest and technically useful one.  

Portable selfie photo/video cam – Selfie Cam opens for the owners of the present device the possibility to enjoy high-quality and colorful pictures in any place and at any time.  

Thanks to its portability no need more to choose for the right angle, light or position, in order to get good photo or video. You will forget at once about the blurry photos, because the cam will be fixed moveless on any surface!   

The Cam’ size allows you to carry it wherever you wish, in the trip, street, on a visit. 

And the built-in battery will rescue you from searching of the DC power.                                                                

High-quality photos and video!

Selfie Cam is equipped with 13 Mpx cam with autofocus, which allows you to take photos and video in Full HD. Selfie Cam – is the cam of new generation. The quality of photos and video is on a high level! It is small-sized, simple and easy for application cam. It’s the best solution for those ones who likes selfie.   

Bright and colorful photos and video

Smart 3 LED flash located around the device Selfie Cam allows you to transmit the light on the photo/video shooting, which ensures the high-quality pictures even during the insufficient lighting.   

Stereo sound on video!

Selfie Cam is equipped with the microphone recording the sound in stereo format. Thanks to the HD sound technology you are able to view video in the original sound. With the digital noise technology which reduces the level of outside noises up to 98% you are able to enjoy clear and quality sound.  

Easy selfie shooting!

Selfie Cam is equipped with an integrated button with start-up timer – 5, 10 and 15 sec. 

Magnetic mounting.

Selfie Cam is equipped with the magnet, which allows you to mount the cam on a metal surface. 

And thanks to the movable plate for magnet which is included in the set in the form of suckers, you can always mount the Selfie Cam to any smooth surface.

Mobile technologies

Selfie Cam built-in with the modules of Bluetooth 4.2 and WiFi 802.11ac

The Bluetooth module can be used for synchronizing with your smart phone in order to make selfie shooting at the maximum distance of 10 meters.

Using the WI-FI module you can view the received photos or video from the internal memory of  Selfie Cam without cable connection on your smart phone with the app. 

Mount, connect, shoot!

All you need is – to mount the Selfie Cam on the surface, to synchronize your mobile by Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and click the button “shoot”.

Do you feel fear and worry to keep your child alone?

Use Selfie Cam and you will be always aware what is he doing and what is happening around him. 

Access to the internet is all you need to monitor your baby from anywhere and everywhere.

When you connect you get a wide view of your baby’s room and the ability to pan and tilt to have a look around. The Selfie Cam not only allows you to see your baby remotely, it also offers advanced sound characteristics.

The Selfie Cam working for your peace of mind.

Make your friends be impressed!

Selfie Cam – is the device capable to become the reliable home protection. It allows you do not only see the person standing behind the door, but also to make the photo, and video without leaving the room.   

Internal memory.

Selfie Cam is available in three models with internal memory – 8 Gb, 16 Gb and 32 Gb.

The memory volume can be enlarged with the card slot microSD.

The maximum supported memory microSD – 128 Gb.   

6 colors models

We designed for your 6 colors solutions. 

For your choice: White, Blue, Black, Red, Orange and Yellow colors.

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