Integrated Realty Group Publishes Guide for Sale of Inherited Homes

IRVINE, Calif. – Integrated Realty Group, one of Orange County’s top realtors, announced today that it has published an “Inherited Home Guide” that offers helpful information for people trying to decide what to do with an inherited property. The Guide was authored by Grant Gerhart, Principal at Integrated Realty Group and an acknowledged expert on the numerous, complex issues involved in selling an inherited home. 

“Making the decision about whether or not to sell an inherited home is a challenge on multiple levels,” said Gerhart. “There are a lot of financial, legal and technical issues to consider. For instance, who actually has the right to sell it in the first place? But, for most people in this situation, they’re trying to make a decision at a difficult time, emotionally speaking. The home itself may have emotional meaning to them, which can cloud one’s judgment. The guide is designed to help you think through the decision by giving you all the facts.”

The guide, which is posted at on Integrated Realty Group’s website, deals with topics such as, “Can you sell the inherited home?” “Determining legal sale executors” and “Going through probate.”  It explores how the owner of an inherited property should look at multiple mortgages, tax implications of a sale, selling versus renting, sale preparation and more. The guide answers a common question, which is should one fix up an inherited home or sell it as is. “The Orange County market is tricky, so there is seldom one correct answer to any question,” Gerhart added.

Integrated Realty Group is a closely integrated team of accomplished realtors offering superior marketing exposure, highly personalized service and exceptional knowledge of all the Orange County Real Estate markets, including Aliso Viejo, Laguna Beach, and Laguna Hills. They broker not only residential, but commercial, industrial, agricultural, and other specialty types of real estate. The firm is known for having a flexible creative approach and an insider’s view of the market.

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