The 7 day pill box organizer by Survive Vitamins is now available at Amazon

Wilmington – December 30, 2015 – After the successful launch and great popularity received by their first product, Vitamin B complex capsule, Survive Vitamins has now launched the 7 day pill box organizer. The product is available on Amazon at a discounted price and received a number of great reviews from the customers.

With an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 on Amazon, the product is here to stay and provide people an easy solution to manage their pills. “This is a nice size pill holder. It is transparent enough to see if you have taken your pills for the day. The day of the week is molded into the top of each compartment, and it also is written in Braille. I am satisfied with this pill holder and would definitely recommend it to someone looking for a good quality, reasonably priced, over sized pill holder,” says Amazon user Con Jon in his review about the product.

The 7 day pill box organizer can be used to organize pills according to each day of the week. The ergonomically shaped pill box is divided into 7 pockets, each of which is embedded with the first letter of the week. The labeling is carved in the plastic box itself which prevents it from fading away and also eliminates the risk of wearing off.

Each pocket has room enough to accommodate pills of size 0.82 x 0.27 inches. The bright green color of the box makes it easily spot able while the translucent nature allows the user to see the inside of the box without opening it.

The box can be easily opened with just one flip of the finger while the firm closing mechanism ensures that pills don’t spill out from the box. The compact size of the box makes it easy for the user to carry it around while travelling, keep at home or workplace.

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