Add RxQ Antioxidant Complex to Your New Year’s Resolutions for a Healthier Lifestyle

SAN PEDRO, CA – Dec 30, 2015 – One of Americans’ top New Year’s resolutions is to live a healthier lifestyle, but the vow often goes by the wayside when work and family obligations intervene. RxQ Antioxidant Complex by Shoenwetter Supplements, LLC may help people maintain that resolution while fighting the “dirty” elements found in the environment that exacerbates the aging process. It is best thought of as metabolic hygiene to be used in “dirty” environments that create oxidative stress overloads that can chip away at our health prematurely.

“RxQ Antioxidant Complex provides consumers with a patent-pending formula rich in amino acids,” said Hannah Kim, Executive Vice President of Schoenwetter Supplements, LLC. “The product can easily be incorporated into a personal daily health and hygiene routine.”

Glutathione is manufactured naturally by the body to aid in neutralizing free radicals that cause damage at the cellular level. The antioxidant complex created by Schoenwetter Supplements offers a specialized combination of critical amino acids the body requires for glutathione production.*

Free radicals damage cells at every point at which they make contact. They build up over time and can become so numerous that they overwhelm the body’s ability to counteract them effectively. Glutathione is available in abundance in the body, but a variety of environmental elements combine to increase free radicals in the body, while reducing the availability of amino acids needed to manufacture it.*

Glutathione performs a number of functions within the body. It fights free radicals, aids in detoxification, strengthens the immune system, and helps the body’s response to inflammatory conditions. The formula by Schoenwetter Supplements contains the building blocks of glutathione, combined with complementary vitamins and minerals.*

The company’s antioxidant complex aids in the body’s natural abilities to protect against oxidative stress from environmental factors that includes exposure to UV rays, diagnostic radiation and environmental pollution. Available in gluten free vegetarian capsules, it contains no artificial colors or flavorings.

Aging, stress, some prescription medications, and over-the-counter remedies can interfere with the production of glutathione. The process can be interrupted by a lack of vitamins, minerals and even fluoride has been linked to lower levels of glutathione.*

RxQ Antioxidant Complex by Schoenwetter Supplements offers consumers a convenient way to obtain the amino acids needed for the formation of glutathione to combat free radicals that accelerate the aging process. The formula provides individuals with an easy way to keep their New Year’s resolution to maintain a healthier lifestyle and fight detrimental environmental elements as part of a personal hygiene routine.*

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About Schoenwetter Supplements, LLC

Schoenwetter Supplements, LLC was founded by family practitioner and noted nuclear medicine specialist, Dr. Phillip E. Schoenwetter. His patent pending RxQ Antioxidant Complex utilizes advanced DNA research to provide individuals with a ground-breaking new supplement that helps fight the effects of free radicals and aids in maintaining cellular health.

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